Amy Winehouse Found Dead at 27

Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Brian Jones, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, and now Amy Winehouse.  The brilliant and notoriously troubled singer tragically joined the the 27 Club this morning. The London Metropolitan police released the following statement, which doesn't mention the Grammy-winning artist by name:...more

She was talented and brilliant. She didn't make the leap of really loving herself and finding ...more

No Offense to Alicia, but I'm NOT a Superwoman

Fantasia Barrino is the latest casualty in the myth of the Black Superwoman. The news on the wire today is that Fantasia, on the heels of public innuendo about an affair with a married man, attempted suicide....more

How much do you trust your kid?

Five local high school students were hospitalized yesterday after taking some anti-depressants one of them brought to school. Of those, four were released from the hospital and taken to another facility for mental evaluations and one remains in intensive care. It wasn’t reported how many of the pills these students took. A sixth student, who took only one pill, was not hospitalized. ...more

Absolutely! I'm doing the same. Out-dated OTC and prescriptions are gone, and current meds go ...more

DUMB, DE, DUMB, DUMB…….DUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!

DUMB, DE, DUMB, DUMB…….DUMB!!!!!!!!!!!! Do I want this to stand out from my other posts? YES! Now available TUMS FOR KIDS!!!! WHAT? I realize that companies out there want to get kids on the bandwagon as early as possible so they can GAIN BRAND LOYALTY for a LIFETIME. BUT give me a BREAK!!!!!! TUMS IS AN OTC MEDICATION THAT TASTES LIKE CANDY! Before one rushes out to buy this product PLEASE think about what a child that needs TUMS is eating to cause the need for this OTC MEDICATION! ...more