Overeating at the Movies? Avoid It with These 5 Tips

You are going to the movies! Once you get to the theater, the concession stand instantly calls your name, so you decide to share a large popcorn with your date, intending to only eat part of it. Eating a few handfuls during the previews, you manage to place the bag down on the floor when the movie begins. Yay! You did it!...more

Overeating on Road Trips: Prevent It with These 4 Tips

I just got home to San Diego after a long road trip from Kansas City. The days were long and extremely boring, so what better to do than eat, right? With limited options, I was "forced" to eat Cracker Barrel, Wendy's, frosted cherry Pop Tarts, a gourmet burger joint, oh, and an apple. And that was just the first day!...more

10 Ways to Prevent a Binge

Believe me, I've been there more than a few times. In the moment, food seemed to soothe me, but 10 minutes after the fact, I would beat myself up. Try these unique tips to stop a binge before it begins.1) Hello Beautiful...more

5 Tricks to Stop Overeating for Good

Second Helpings

 Last night, I did it again.  I took a second helping of the black bean soup and rice I made, instead of staying with one.  I felt satisfied before, but I just reached out for more.  Some would say, “Enjoy yourself!”; some would say, “Control yourself!”...more

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photo courtesy of Sycamore Street...more

My Apple Trick Will Help You to Not Overeat at Thanksgiving

I read about a different way to eat an apple on my friend's blog.  Soon after, The Atlantic also covered this idea of eating from the bottom up rather than around the side.  Doing so creates less waste.  According to their article, "we are all wasting 30 percent of our apples at $1.30 per pound, that's about $42 wasted per person per year—which is $13.2 billion annually, thrown in the trash." ...more
I like to overeat on thanksgiving.more

Fat mom to a skinny girl...

If you don't know me IRL, I am a large woman...I was a chubby child, and never looked back.  The last time I saw 110 lbs I was probably about 12 years old ....it is something I struggled with, tried to correct (with gastric bypass in 2005 which was relatively successful but I got pregnant with the girl and haven't looked back lol)...so I am still a plus size woman. I am comfortable with that but it's easy to be comfortable when you are 45 and tired :) ...more