Early Bird Eavesdropping

I came to Panera super early because I had a lot of articles and blogs to write. I can’t focus at my house because there are too many soft blankets and Netflix devices, so I have to go elsewhere to get anything done. This morning I am here at 7am because I have a ton of work to do this weekend…but that is clearly not going to happen....more

Things I Overheard at BlogHer 2013

I attended BlogHer again this year, and I was not disappointed.  I learned a lot including the fact Queen Latifah has some rocking biceps and Wendi McLendon-Covey is even funnier in person.  (As if that was possible.)I took quite a bit away from the conference, including some great swag bags and a few embarrassing pictures I will promptly burn. In addition to those, I took away memories of a great time and great friends. ...more
I'm pretty sure I said one or two of those sentences.    Hehmore

Play doh, confessions and awkward moments

Hubby is frantically studying for his grad school prep stuff and recently has been going to a friend’s house to be tutored in math. I decided to come along one morning to play with Kaiya and our friend’s little girl. So me in the girls were in one room, happily sticking stickers on each other and gobbing play-doh everywhere while they were in the other room, but just a few feet away. Friend- I hate it when people blog….(Hubby nervously looking over at me)… it’s like they just put up random thoughts… ...more

I actually completely related to her (not with her blog opinions- she can just shut it as far as ...more