One Mom Lightens Her Load—Of Laundry

It's such a cliché that I hate even to write about it. But it is my reality, and the reality of millions of parents worldwide. My life is ruled by The Laundry. The Laundry is bullshit. If I dare skip a day, it gathers in the darkened hamper and commits unspeakable acts. Dirty socks rub up against filthy shirts and they have nasty laundry sex and spawn little laundry babies. So that when I go to do the wash the next day, I stare at the piles and think, how did this happen? Didn't I just wash that?...more
Love it! So much truth here! I remember those years when it was just my husband and I ...more


Last night, I settled in with my laptop.  I had a couple Twitter parties I was attending and I figured I could catch some TV in between my tweets.  Wrong!!Before I knew it, I was in full e-overload!  Attending two Twitter parties simultaneously is enough to make your head spin.  Throw in two chat boxes popping up on Facebook, texts coming in on my phone, and my email dinging with new emails every two seconds and I didn't know if I was coming or going!  Luckily, I had remembered to set Skype to "Do Not Disturb" or I would have gotten a call there too!...more

The Great Unsubscribe of 2010

My inbox overflowed. Every single day. Emails. Emails. Insane amounts of emails. My inbox was crazy. All of my inboxes were packed. I have 7 inboxes that I actively use, and all of them were crazy, with my primary account being the craziest of all. And were these emails from friends, family, business contacts? No. These emails were from marketers trying to sell me things. And it was all my own fault. ...more

Zchamu, I'm the same as you, I have different email accounts. But there are few things that I've ...more

twitter me this | me that. washwords is.... confused.

I was reading a great article on about the proliferation of the SAME news article out there 10 zillion times. I'm similarly overwhelmed by the wonderful but terrifying abundance of web/media tools out there. For a newbie/researcher at heart, this is a crazy ride!   I'm blogging about it here and would LOVE to hear what you think/use. Help!  ...more