How Do You Know If You've Taken On Too Much?

The Question Hi Sam,Wow, as of last week I have discovered ‘The Organized Artist Company’ and am so grateful for your work! I find you so filled with encouragement and grace. THANK YOU!...more

In Defense of Our Overscheduled Summer

I am almost certain that the creator of the phrase "lazy days of summer" was not part of my family. By family, I mean all branches of my family: the nuclear family I grew up in, my aunts' and uncles' families, and so on through our family tree. We are movers and shakers by nature, and so it makes sense that we will continue moving and shaking right through the (very hot) summer months. This year is no different. ...more

Every summer, I look at the calendar and think I will keep things loose and unscheduled, and ...more

Creativity Tutors

Over the summer, I had a conversation with my friend about how easy it is these days to over-schedule our children. I was amazed at the story she told me about her experience in Singapore. Here is Susan’s story in her words: ...more

All Night Laundry

I was heading to bed just now, exhausted and a bit guilt-ridden over not having posted since Wednesday. I knew that I should have carved out the time to post, but I couldn't be deterred from that one goal: falling into bed. I was almost there, I had the bed within my line of vision, when my son uttered the words that undoubtedly send a chill through every weary parent's overworked heart. Those dreaded five words? " I have no more underwear." ...more