Has our results driven culture abolished childhood

 Do kids play anymore? ...more

Searching for the Sabbath

"Mom - when are we going to have time to do nothing?" My eight-year old son Andrew recently asked this question after we'd been going non-stop for the past 48 hours. Andrew, who loves to read, play Legos, and just goof off with his siblings, was suffering from down-time withdrawal....more
As my children's teacher would say, " Boredom is the wellspring of creativity". One ...more

School "Welcome" Nights: Fooling Our Kids By Telling Them They Can "Do It All"

Have you had to take your child to a school welcome night yet? When they're transitioning from elementary school to junior high, or junior high to high school?...more

Soccer, tutoring, chess, gymnastics: How much is too much?

With the start of the school year, my big kids (9 and 6) also add a few activities to the calendar. And I’m guessing I’m not alone. The kids have been in once-a-week gymnastics class since 2009. So that doesn’t change. Daily summer swim team is being replaced with karate once a week for the next few weeks. My son wants to continue weekly chess after school, but my daughter has decided to give that up....more

Overscheduled and Overwhelmed

 I would like to first state that THIS IS MY OPINION and it is NOT A JUDGMENT on how other Moms decide to do things. Are we okay, K? Okay. Whew! Now that I got that out of the way... Why do so many of us feel compelled to sign our kids up for soccer, music lessons, art class, dance, gymnastics, softball, or whatever so that everybody in the family is running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to be on time for all these things? It's a trend I've noticed since having my first child and it has me worried....more

Yup, what you're talking about is exactly the same pressure I feel...and since we're feeling it, ...more

Should Schools Help Our Kids Get More Sleep?

Conversation one morning last week just before my teen, Allison, got out of the car to walk into school, and just after she’d complained how tired she was and how she’d stayed up until 2:30 a.m. doing homework and how she couldn’t get up this morning and how she’d forgotten her headband and now her hair would look bad and how she was going to be late to school, and…   ...more

I am a huge sleep fan and can be quite draconian about it when I need to. Although teens tend ...more

Slowing Down the Family

(Adapted from a recent post to my main blog, www.uncoolmom.com)  ...more