You Heard It Here First...

In case you've been wondering......NEVER schedule out-of town travel for college interviews after one or more parents has served as an Election Judge the day before. It is ill-advised and will break up the family. The seventeen and a half hour day with few breaks is a killer, while being nice to so many people is also taxing....more
@Laine Griffin Oh, me too! *High five* You know the drill. Good 'ol Mom. :) They just got home. ...more

The Unreasonable Expectations of Motherhood

A few weeks ago, we had to sit the kids down and warn them in advance that this summer was going to suck.  There weren't going to be lots of fun camps and classes, there weren't going to be expensive leagues to join and things to do.  We'd be going to the pool and the library, the parks and the free events in town.  So much for the promises that we made them last year about how awesome this summer was going to be.  We're tapped out.  Spent a not-so-small fortune in all the trips we made back and forth across the country to see my father, then...more

My kids will do one camp this summer and the rest of the time we will be enjoying free time. I ...more

Life List Item Number 26: Check? Well, Sort of....

At the encouragement of a friend, I enrolled in a bellydancing class this fall.  It ran from Halloween to this evening, on Sunday nights.  The dialogue went something like this:Friend: "Let's do a bellydancing class!"...more

My Tween Might be Overscheduled, and I Might be Okay With That

The thing you have to understand about me -- right from the beginning -- is that I'm not the kind of parent who believes my kids have to be involved in everything. We never did Little Gym or Mommy And Me when they were tiny, and as they grew, they were each allowed one activity outside of school, which then grew to "one sport and one other activity" over time. And I thought that was plenty. ...more

My daughter started Kinder this year, and this post brought tears to my eyes because I'm pretty ...more