Are You Worried About Your Child's Weight?

I have a little secret: I am concerned about my son's future weight. He's not in any danger of being overweight right now, but it is an issue that I try to keep my eye on. Is he getting enough regular exercise? Eating enough healthy food? Growing the way he should? I am concerned about all these things. Clearly, I read too many parent studies, and they weigh on my mind. ...more
It does worry me, especially now that my daughter is at the age she can go with friends to get ...more

Talking about our weight

My son likes to tap on my fitbit. He likes to see how many dots I have and (after I explained what the dots are measuring) he encourages me to move around more to get all my dots for the day. ...more

What I Learned from My 600 lb. Life

I don't do it often, but sometimes, while channel surfing I find myself sucked in and realize why we watch reality TV. The first time I saw Hoarders all I could think of was what a sh*tstorm it was, and how does that happen to anyone. Then after finding myself on the third or fourth consecutive episode (in one afternoon) my thought was that watching it made me feel better about myself....more

Words have Power

Some more reminiscing... In the long-ago summer of 1986 I was 19 years young, had just squeaked through my first year of university, and was back in what I considered to be my hometown to look for a job. ...more

I Bruise Easily

As I close the blinds in the kitchen and pull down my pyjama bottoms, I'm sure I see a hopeful glint in Rob's eyes. Just as quickly the glint is extinguished as he looks down at the state of my legs. 'Have you seen the size of this bruise?' I ask. I turn my head and look down at the garish purple monstrosity on the back of my leg. In the middle, a nice gash, which I am now prodding to see if it hurts!...more

Dating A Girl "Like Me"

Through a series of inferences and coincidences, my family found out I was dating somebody last year (the kid suspected and let it slip to his uncle, who proceeded to tell everyone else).  The break-up happened when the kid was away, so he had no idea that this not-yet-discussed-or-confirmed situation was no longer.  So, what I was met with the day I came to retrieve my precocious child was a Spanish Inquisition of sorts from my family, wanting to know about this “guy who would date (me)”....more
You definitely have a lot beauty--inside and out and your writing totally rocks. I love your ...more

Fat: The hardest word

I can say overweight and plus-sized, usually with a reasonable degree of comfort. I can say, with only some hesitation, big, large, and heavy. I can say chubby, round, and, laughingly, gourd-shaped (à la my dear husband). It's a whole lot harder to say FAT. ...more

Don't Get Cancer if You're Obese: Short-Changing Chemotherapy

Imagine being diagnosed with cancer, going through grueling chemotherapy treatments, and discovering that the therapy wasn't successful... due to a withholding of the proper chemotherapy dose.  For 40% of obese patients, that nightmare is a reality when they receive 85% of the necessary dose due to their weight. ...more
Obesity and Chemotherapy, a subject that has received allot more attention these last few years ...more

Older overweight women who lose weight improve their memory

This is good news! Lose weight and get some memory skills back. The women in this study had an average age of 61, but maybe it applies other ages as well. And after these women dieted, the activity in their brains actually changed. This was visible on MRIs. The women were split into 2 groups; one group followed the Caveman Diet, and the other followed the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations. Both groups lost weight and both saw memory improvements. Here's the article: