I Do Not Like Roller Coasters

 Today I opened the book Miracles Now by Gabrielle Bernstein and flipped to #30 Backpack Meditation....more

Full Stop

I come to the end of my day, and my brain has just stopped.I realize, I should have had a post planned out for today. But this weekend has been non-stop. A 16th birthday party, a photography event, LOTS of driving so the kids can see their dad, editing previously mentioned photos. While all these physical events are happening, my brain is also running a 100 miles an hour still trying to process losing my job, being separated and preparing for a divorce, two more children's birthday's this month, and holidays coming all too quickly. ...more

How to Deal with Extreme Overwhelm

Your palms sweat. You lose sleep. Your mind spins. These are just a few of the symptons of extreme overwhelm. Sometimes you just need to snap out of it! This post by Emily Bennington shows you how to deal with extreme overwhelm and keep your sanity. ...more

How to beat overwhelm at work (when you're the boss)

Whether you run a business out of your home, or manage a multimillion dollar enterprise with 50 staff in a slick office tower, being your own boss can be exhausting. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s not also exhilarating, satisfying and downright fun. When you feel like you’re running on empty and have too many balls in the air, you can reach a stage of overwhelm that’s hard to bounce back from.Here are a few tips to help you ride the craziness with relative ease, and not let it get to you....more

Dear Dr. Romance: Overwhelmed to the Point I Want Out

Dear Dr. Romance:I read some of the things you stated about marriage and why people divorce. I am feeling overwhelmed lately to the point I just want out. I have been married for over 17 years. We have 2 school-age children together. I am in school full time and work full time and still have a household to run. Can you please help me find a counselor? You are a blessing to all who reads and speak with you. Keep doing your daily work. God Bless.Dear Reader:...more

Why I am soo happy now and what went wrong before.

Don't you love it when you get an insight. For years I wondered why certain relationships work and others don't.Why with certain people I get on like a house on fire and with others I don't.Why my marriage didn't work and with John I have a blast. The insight I had was that 'contributing' and 'receiving' has got something to do with the fact why certain people are so much easier to have relationships with than others. ...more

 It is interesting that there is so much information about how we behave and what type of ...more

From the Universe

The Universe ...more

How to do it all in life?

Do I want too much in life? Yes, and so what? ...more

Laura, THANKS!

It has taken me too quite a few years to get into motion and I too ...more