Custom Owl Pillow Cases and Cushion Covers

All the way back in 2011, I sewed cushion covers for M.  Just like the previous instances (see here and here), M provided me with the material once again to make pillow cases this time round.  The material was a comforter cover that was purchased from Ikea and it had such ADORABLE OWLS on it, that I just had to work on it almost immediately after I got my hands on it....more

Owl Skirt

This is a long overdue post about a skirt that I made for myself more than a year ago.  I hardly sew clothes for myself (other than this DIY shorts) for fear that it'll end up horrible looking and I'd have to throw it out.... what a waste of time, effort AND fabric!...more

My cute diy owl bookmark!

Mr. Whimsy

I love owls and have had the pleasure of seeing a few of them in my backyard. Ever since my Grandma passed away (about 9 months ago), there has been an owl that frequently hoots and flys by me when I am outside. My son, Carson and I decided it's probably Grammy watching over us. And that makes us happy!  Owls are very popular right now in all different shapes, sizes, colors, mediums...AND, because of Grammy, I wanted one in my house, too!...more
What a great idea! Thanks for sharing and keep 'em coming. Much Love, Fondly, Robinmore

Strip Quilt Tutorial with Owl Applique

  This was my first attempt at an applique. Another reason why I'm so glad I purchased a new sewing machine back in February! This new machine has opened up so many new craft possibilities, its a little overwhelming....more

Birds of a Feather - Knitted Owl Stuffed Animal and More!

Free Printable Owl Notecards

Many years ago I sold handmade notecards I created from my own original, paper art collages. Many of these stationery sets featured little birds or owls at play. My first set of notecards was my Seasonal or Everyday Birds Notecard Set....more

Winter Approaches

Chablis, Owl, Cathedral.It’s been so long since a human came near to this place that the animals here have never seen one.  A rabbit nibbles on clover nestled in the grass, hopping closer to the cathedral.  A pair of lemmings scamper over the granite seeking grass and sedges that have grown up inside the sanctuary.  Winter is coming and they will soon be mating.  The rabbit lifts his ears and eyes, keeping watch for predators on this chilly September afternoon. ...more
I second that wow! You just gave me a great idea to follow. Time to relax! @dawn2013more

Please Stop Screwing Up The Environment

Took a walk along the Marina with my friend Lalita today. tons of gophers bobbed their heads in and out of their holes (at least I assume they were gophers, I mean they weren't squirrels). A seal popped his head out of the water, a rabbit hopped by and a sweet little old lady sat on a rock with binoculars looking for the Western Burrowing Owl. She had pictures of the owl lined up against a rock....more