Owl Cake

A couple years ago I made this super cute owl cake and just had to share it with you. I took a picture of it in a magazine and winged it at home…no pun intended :)  It’s actually not that difficult and so adorable for many occasions. Let’s dig in!...more
Cheryl L. Wiser Thanks! We're just kindred cooking spirits :)more

Owl-themed teacher gift tags

Looking for a cute gift tag to go with your child’s teacher gift?I designed this owl-themed gift tag that you can download for free. You can print the tag on regular paper and adhere it to colored cardstock or construction paper, OR you can print it directly on white cardstock. There is a small hole at the top for you to hole punch and tie with ribbon....more

How to Throw an Owl Themed Birthday Party

When my son turned three years old, he wanted an owl party. This was four years ago before owls were popular so he was quite the trendsetter. If it weren’t for his love for owls, our Camp Mommawatchi “Momma Owl” might be something entirely different today. His passion for owls made me become a fan, too!INVITATION – I designed this on the computer, printed it out and adhered it to brown cardstock. It says, “Who-hoo’s turning 3?” Then I list all the details and end with, “Come for dinner, cake and some owly fun!”...more
love this theme! Please check out my blog for some awesome game ideas.  I'm a newbie! thanks!! ...more

Jar Lids and Rings! Jar Lids and Rings! Oh my!!

  Well, I can't really explain what it is that comes over me, but suddenly I will get an idea and it just takes me over completely.  One day I started thinking about chicken wire and I went on a rampage making all kinds of things out of chicken wire.  One day it was doilies, one day angels with wooden bead heads.  I can't figure it, but it is fun....more

Wordless Wednesday

Anne KimballLife on the Funny FarmSchool artwork project by Bella......more

Wesley The Owl by Stacy O'Brien

Wesley the Owl is one of the cutest books I’ve ever read. When I heard about it, since I love Owls, I rushed out to get it, but then I realized I had to learn more about taking care of an Owl then I cared to. What made this story special is that it’s a love story about an Owl and his human....more

Spreading a little love...

http://buzzmills.typepad.com/blog/2012/01/spreading-a-little-love.html This past week I have been lovingly putting together some little Valentiney treats for my etsy shop.  I love being inspired by the holidays!  ...more

(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday

This rehabilitated Barred Owl was released today at a park near our home. We were lucky enough to witness the event and take some pictures.L. said, "Owl-bird fly away over there?"Photo credit: Emily Sefcik...more

Well Owl Be Darned

THIS is a cold blooded killer!You know, it was cute two years ago.  Squat little owls began to make their way back into the craft spotlight.  Now it's just ridiculous.  What's with all the owls?  Owl fabric, owl pillows, owl toilet paper....more