Who owns your comments section? #NaBloPoMo

This is something I have found very interesting to think and write about. I originally thought and believed that I, as the writer owned the comments section. I write the post, ask the questions within the post and then my readers reply in this are. Upon further thinking I am not so convinced this is true.Although I am able to moderate comments if I wish too, the actual content that is written within this area is from my readers. I choose not to moderate other than using Askimit as I want to hear what others think about what I am writing....more

Women, art, voices, ownership

This is from my blog Somewhere in Transition at http://julialeebarclay.blogspot.com...more

3 Thought-tips for Refuting the question: "Am I Doing It Right?"

Disclosure: I struggle with this still. But here's the thing. Look at the question behind the question: The deeper question? it's a permission thing. Am I allowed to own my individual take? Am I allowed to do it (whatever 'it' is) the way I think it oughta be done? I hear you. I've asked this. A lot. I've asked this with regard to professional life and personal life. I've asked this in regard to everything. Is this right? Should it look like this? What do I really think?...more


Where do you get your diamonds?  Are they certified by the Kimberley Process as "conflict free" diamonds?  If so, you've purchased a sense of well being, but KP authentication is no guarantee of a bloodless sparkly.  The Kimberley Process certification "guarantees" that certain diamonds don't come from conflict countries.  If you only buy KP diamonds, the thinking goes, you'll have avoided funding bloody revolutions and enslaving minors.  Sweet....more