Oxygen Cancels Shawty Lo's "All My Babies' Mamas"

[Editor's Note 1/16/2013: The Grio reports that Oxygen has cancelled "All My Babies' Mamas". --Grace]...more
I have no idea who "Shawty Lo" is but this show sounds disgraceful. I'm glad that it was canceled.more

Femme fatale: Fatal to feminism?

"Erotic Love in Spanish American Literature." Or, my final undergraduate Spanish class. It's not as raunchy as it sounds — no porn (yet), and so far the course focuses mostly on the historical context of each book we've read (i.e. post-revolution Mexico in Arráncame la vida and crime-riddled 1980s Colombia in Rosario Tijeras. ...more

Yoga: Should It Be Part of Your Exercise Routine?

Several years ago I made a point of tuning to the Oxygen channel each morning at 8 am., and giving myself a one hour workout with their "Inhale" program. When they stopped the 8 am. broadcast, I tried to make a go of the 6 am show. Six is just too early for me to be doing downward dog. ...more

yoga is a great way to stretch all those muscles and also for stress relief. I am doing hatha ...more