P90X powerhouse Tony Horton creates new calorie-blasting fitness DVDs and books

Looking for a weight loss guru? Meet Tony Horton, the creator of the famously popular P90X fitness series and other DVDs....more

How do you work it?

When my workday is finally done at 5:00 the last thing I am thinking is 'Yeah! I have so much energy! Time to work out!' It's more like 'Oh my gosh.. I am so tired. All I want to do go home and cuddle with Lucy.'BUT I try my best to get motivated to do some sort of exercise activity at least 4 times a week. I teach dance two nights a week so that takes care of two out of the four. LOVE teaching my sweet girls-so rewarding....more

My P90X Transformation Results

When I made the decision to really GET HEALTHY… it wasn’t just about getting to a certain goal weight; it was about transforming my health. Losing 30 lbs in the process was just a bonus!I committed myself to give it everything I had, determined to let nothing get in my way this time (health problems, traveling, celebrations, dinners). I had been giving excuses long enough of why I couldn’t. But this time, I was ready to make BIG changes....more

I (HEART) Segues

My 4 year old son woke up yesterday morning and told me that he was too sick to go to school.  I knew he was faking but was a little hesitant to call his bluff since the LAST time I told him to suck it up I ended up with vomit all over me.  I’m also pretty sure my kid is going to become a politician when he’s older.  When he sensed my hesitancy for letting him stay home, this conversation occurred: DMo:  Mom, I’m sick. Me:  You don’t look very sick; let me check your forehead....more

Do You Do It In the Morning Or At Night?

First week back to work after 4 years is done.  Why is it we don’t cherish what we have until it’s gone?...more