Markets set to improve with Pacific women in the lead

UN Women is working with women market vendors in Fiji, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu to improve their working conditions, earning power and leadership skills. ...more

#274 Present, Day 2 of 31

 Today's prompt asks "If you could live anywhere where would it be?" I think I've always said I wanted to live where the redwoods meet the Pacific...So I guess I am Home...more

Teaching My Asian Daughters to be Strong and Confident

By Frances Kai-Hwa Wang A few years ago, I took a seminar called, "Raising Strong and Confident Daughters." My husband laughed at me. "Could our daughters be any stronger or more confident?" ...more
Awesome post!  Thank you--another addendum I add to story time, if it happens to be of the ...more

Disaster zone: Quakes, tsunami, flooding devastate Pacific region

A series of powerful deep sea earthquakes , tsunami, typhoons and floods in the Pacific region on Tuesday and Wednesday have left behind scenes of devastation and death, bringing back fears and memories of the deadly 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami that killed hundreds of thousands in the Pacific and Indian Ocean regions. ...more

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I must ...more