Packing for a trip with a Highly Sensitive Child, and other "unnecessarily complicated" things first-time-parents do

I remember a day, not long ago, when packing up for a trip was something we absolutely dreaded. It was something that could potentially bring on a full blown panic attack on my part. Something that required endless lists to be put together during an entire workweek. Something so physically and mentally exhausting that I needed a week to recover, only to have to repeat the whole process again....more

Teaching Kids To Pack: A Prospective, Randomised, Uncontrolled Trial

Parents of young travellers have concocted a variety of tools to aid in the development of packing skills in their children, as they transition from incapable neonates to mature adults.In this experiment, we supply two children (a three-year-old female and a six-year-old male, respectively) with two randomly-selected visual packing guides for kids, and observe to determine if there is an effect on their performance....more

Packing shoes: What works for you?

When I was repacking my suitcase to return home from my BlogHer trip, I remembered seeing this trick of putting your shoes in a shower cap to keep the dirty soles off your clothes. I've never used a shower cap for my hair, so there was still one boxed up on the hotel bathroom counter that I could try out....more

Never Wait at Baggage Claim Again

If there is anything I hate about travelling, it’s waiting at baggage claim for luggage.  So, even for international trips of up to 2 weeks, I do carry-on only! Both my husband and I have traveled extensively internationally for our jobs, and for pleasure, so we know what works… and what’s just a waste of space!  Below is my list of non-clothing items for up to a 14 day trip:Liquids (TSA 3-1-1) Bag:...more

Travel Tips: How To Pack and Fly Like a Pro

After I wrote about our travel snacks and how airline travel has changed, it made me think about how I prepare for my trips. I mostly fly for work trips. If my husband and I are traveling for pleasure, we drive unless we have the opportunity to turn a work trip into a vacation like we did in San Francisco. While I was sitting at dinner tonight, I thought about the tips I use to keep myself sane while traveling on airlines. ...more
Excellent advice. I'll add this: Check to make sure Homeland Security or some other agency ...more

Thoughtfulness Thursday: Packing

Thoughtfulness Thursday: Packing It seems like I got a huge response on Instagram after I posted both of the pictures below so I thought I would post about my packing. If you've read my blog for awhile, you know that I'm an extremely organized person....more

Lugging around luggage tags - how to travel smarter

Not once, not twice, but four times this month readers have asked me about luggage tags. Do you really need to use them? What kind should you get? Where should you put them?  As always, I'm happy to do my very best and try to get to the bottom of things - any info that makes your air travel smoother is good in my books!Airline identifiersFirst of all, you are rarely - if ever - required to put personal luggage tags on your bags....more