Moving in a Hurry? 6 Tips to Make Packing Easier!

Moving is difficult. It's stressful, time consuming, and seemingly never ending.  Thankfully, I've done this before. This will be my third time in three years. Yes, you read that right. As I'm typing this, I have exactly one week to pack all of my family's belongings.Am I stressed out? Yes. Will my head start spinning around ala Linda Blair from the Exorcist? Quite Possibly....more

#BlogHer16 Travel Tips? We've Got 'Em!

We are now inside the packing window for #BlogHer16. I repeat: We are now inside the packing window for #BlogHer16! My college-aged son was home this week for a visit, and while I was sad to see him go back to his summer campus job yesterday, it only took about ten minutes after he drove away for it to occur to me that his double bed will make a great staging area for my conference outfits and accessories. ...more
mommacan I just started putting my various cords in one little clear travel bag that fits in my ...more

Stamp It Up, NaBloPoMo Day 16

 Funny the things you find when you unpack.I've had some boxes which had been packed when Ileft Buffalo five years ago that I am finally unpacking....more

Traveling Like A Pro!

With the holidays right around the corner, there’s a lot of traveling for some of us. Whether we’re going home for the holidays or have short work (or play!) trips to attend, the fall/winter months are when most people are out and about. Luckily for me, I get to spend Thanksgiving at the beach. There will not be much of tanning going on, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be fun....more

The Organized Girl's Guide to Packing for Travel

VACATION! We're going on vacation with three of our closest friends this upcoming week. We're all leaving our babies behind with their very loving and very capable grandparents. I’m equal parts excited and nervous. ...more
Great article with good tips<:} As someone who has traveled back and forth between Mexico and ...more

Packing for a Road Trip with Babies and Toddlers

 Summer is here and that means the season for road trips!...more

Packing Checklist for the Beach

I know many of you are going on beach vacations this summer so I thought I'd share the list that I used when packing. We haven't been to the beach since having kids, and let me tell you, the list has least....more


I’m late, I’m late, I’m late! My dog ate my homework. Err, my daughter deleted my post. My laptop crashed AND my not-so-smart phone spontaneously combusted! No? Alright, the truth is I passed out like a just fed newborn. My writing sweet spot starts at about 1030/11pm and I was out cold by 10 pm. I think it vaguely occurred to me to get my day 14 post out but I just couldn’t get my eyes to open. This second day of packing required quite the physical exertion. My mission was the kitchen....more


I am moving again. This will be the third move in 3 years. The first one was a major cross-the-Atlantic kind of relocation and the last two have been within the city. Sure the new place is just a couple of blocks from our current residence, but anyone who has moved knows regardless of how much stuff you have, it always ends up being too much! Ideally I should have started the packing a week ago, but I didn’t have the right boxes. Like a God send, some magically appeared yesterday (you know who you are-thank you!)....more