8 Steps to Teach Your Kids How to Pack a Suitcase

 “I am not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.”– Mary Anne Radmacher To see the moon on the other side of the world, ahhh, it's something ......more

5 Extra Things to Pack for #BlogHerFood15

#BlogHerFood15 is almost here and I'm starting to think about what to pack. While I pack pretty much everything mentioned in the conference guide, here are a few extra things I'll be tossing in my suitcase. ...more
I love the power strip suggestion.more

What to Pack for a Week in Greece

Check out my packing list below from the week I spent on my European vacation visiting Santorini, Hydra, and Athens! Greece had been at the top of my bucket list for a while so I was so excited to finally make it to a place I'd been dreaming about for quite a while....more

Our Favorite Carry-On Personal Bags

We've been traveling a lot lately for both work and pleasure. That means we've been doing a lot of packing and unpacking and a lot of browsing online for better options and ideas. We even have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to Packing Tips!...more

Practical Packing with Kids

Two trips in a month gave me the best lesson and skill – the art of practical packing.After several family trips with our daughter, I have come to the conclusion that I prefer summer travel. It’s just easier with less luggage and we all move at faster speeds without ice.We all know I’m a beach lover but I’ve also enjoyed mini getaways full of hot chocolate snuggle time. Last month included two family adventures – snow bound and beach bound. Which one do you think I preferred? In the battle of snow vs. sand, the snow didn’t stand a chance in winning....more

Reasons You Want to Pack Olive Oil on Your Next Trip

Olive oil isn't just for healthy cooking - it is the main ingredient in many beauty products you can purchase. Here are several resourceful uses for olive oil that you can create yourself and are very travel friendly! Just add olive oil into a 3 oz. container and bring the mini-bottle along on your next trip:...more

Victoria's Travel TidBitZ: "I Hate It When That Happens!"

You’re in Paris, do you really want to spend your time looking for a toothbrush?You're on your way to the airport...finally that trip-of-a-lifetime to (fill in the blank!)...But there’s this nagging feeling that there’s something that you forgot to do or bring??Then you remember...OMG, “my passport!” You don’t remember if you brought it...or you “know” you brought it, but where did you put it?! Whew...after a few panic-stricken moments, passport located, relief...  you’re on your way......more

Super Fast Packing Tips

My best bud and dear friend of 15 years, Elizabeth, remarked, "I don't know how you are finding time between packing and hanging out with your two girls to write blogs right now!!” Simple answer: I'm crazy. That, and I load up on Venti Vanilla Blondes from Starbucks to get it done. The truth is, packing up our house for our pending move (in three days) has been fun. Yes, I said fun. How is that for crazy? Hello. My name is Erin and I get my kicks from organizing and de-cluttering. ...more

More about my European holiday and teen travel tips for everyone!

This is segment 3 of the: my husband and I traveled for 18 days through France and Spain story.  Specifically, we flew into Frankfurt, rented a car at the airport and drove to Saint-Avold, France to visit the American Cemetery.   There is a very romantic WWII story associated with that stop, which I will go into in another post.  After an overnight there, we drove onto Normandy for the weekend.  In fact, we were in Normandy on 9/11, which other than NYC, seemed like a great place to be on that day.  Both were sites of tragic deaths of ...more
I do so wish we could have gone with you guys...maybe someday. (Smile!) And as much as I ...more

Tips On A Family Road Trip In A Small Car

Nostalgia cluttered my thinking with memories of those car rides we reminisce about with friends. You know the ones I am talking about: the one where your brother rode in the back window and your sister slept on the hump on the floor……or the trip where your aunt threw up in your Barbie case. You know, the ones where you opened the window and arm wrestled with the wind as your dad chain-smoked all the way to California....more