Paleo Pad Thai

I'm sick today, down with my son's cold that I thought was an allergy. My fault. I wasn't careful. I ate off his plate. Blarrrrgh....more

Authentic Pad Thai With Sriracha Sauce

Pad Thai is one of Thailand’s most famous national dishes and widely popular with both the Thais and foreigners alike. What then makes for an authentic plate of Thai style stir-fried rice noodles?...more

Better Than Takeout: Homemade Chicken Pad Thai

I love chicken pad Thai and have wanted to make it at home for a few years now. Sadly, when I've found a recipe for it, there are usually about 30 ingredients, most of which I can't pronounce. And I would get scared and chicken out. So when I found this easy recipe, I decided to go for it! I will be honest here and tell you that I really wasn't expecting anything great. ...more
survivelivethrive  Awesome!! Hope you love it!! :)more

The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back

I tested lots of pumpkin and sweet potato recipes last month. There was pumpkin risotto, sweet potato fries, and pumpkin brownies, just to name a few....more

Exercise and Pad Thai ...more

Pad Thai Noodles

I really like posting about ethnic foods, don’t I?  This shouldn’t be an odd thing, honestly.  We live in a nation that is the home of so many different cultures that there is no excuse for not experimenting with ethnic food.  I actually know people who are completely unwilling to try the foods of different cultures (aside from a taco) and I really can’t understand that kind of closed-mindedness; and that’s all it is.  Closed mindedness. ...more

I absolutly love cooking especially ethnic food.  That recipee sounds very yummy I'm going to ...more