Thesis: Menstrual Protection Products and Modern Society

Rest easy, this this really isn’t a graduate thesis on period products, though I sure feel like I could write one, as much as I have read and written about them over the years.  Just in the recent past alone, I have blogged on the history of internally worn products, provided facts to address myths and false information found online about periods and puberty, and responded to questions about changing period needs.  Along with blogging, I have answered hundreds of period questions and, once upon a time ago, I was even been a monthly user. ...more
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How Green is Your Period?

You recycle. You compost. You buy local, support your CSA, and save gasoline whenever possible.  But... er... how green is your period?  Are you taking that mindfulness to the pads and tampons you use (or don't use) during your monthly flow? ...more
Diva cup and reusable pads for heavy days (just in case). I live in a developing country, so ...more

Competitive Fire: Tips for Preventing Injuries in Youth Sports

  Well, what do you know? Dear Husband is back again today. And it looks like you will get some "Fatherly Advice" on Friday....more

iPads and Maxi Pads: Changing Women's Lives in Uganda

The only thing more exciting than the initial announcement of Apple’s iPad was that it was named the iPad. For millions of snarky internet users, it was the best field day since Balloon Boy.The parallel was an easy one, maybe too easy, likening the iPad to feminine hygiene products. But let’s be honest, sometimes we’re all a little juvenile on Twitter. Thus from Apple’s next great achievement begat the #iTampon trend. And it was good. Good because we all chuckled. Better because it helped raise awareness about a real “pad problem”. (Rimshot!) ...more

Your effort is noted. Viva #GetaniPadGiveSomeMaxiPads