Life is all About-?

Parents are so important for their children....more

Don't test your relations

Parents are so important for their children....more


Earlier I told you my relationship with exercise is volatile. I love it. I hate it. I mask the hate by finding excuses not to do it. But when I love it I can’t stop talking about it. As a result I keep falling off and back on this exercise wagon. It really does hurt to get back on. I know because I do this a lot. Today I got back on it. My excuse lately had been the weather. It’s too cold I would say. But today the sun was out, the sky bright and blue; I didn’t have a reason not to....more

The Road to Success is not what it always seems

Sometimes the cost (of success) is physical, impacting one's limbs, in more ways than one.Oftentimes the impact is not only skin deep.Perhaps questioning or doubting one's skills in the related fields; experiencing cut-throat, merciless competition; working extra long hours and still wondering whether one will succeed....more

The Grouchy Butterfly

Plenty of life's worthwhile experiences come with difficulties, struggles, and pain....more

Lie #3: Breastfeeding is Supposed to Hurt

The biggest whopper out there right now is that “breastfeeding hurts.”  And, I am probably one of the few people out there saying “if it hurts, something is wrong.” Now, don’t get me wrong. I fully acknowledge that most women experience some level of pain when breastfeeding.  Whenever you learn something new, there will be a margin of error.  When it comes to a tiny nipple and a tiny baby mouth, that margin of error is pretty small.Here is one of my greatest heartaches:...more

Is This Going To Happen

Rebecca WaldenWatching CNN to get any update on the hostages being held by the radicals that call themselves Isis.  This has to be the most gut wrenching time for all of the families.  The Jordianians, still are seeking proof of life that the hostages are still alive.  The news media does not have any confirmed reports of this as of now.  ...more

Broken Heart: #2

The week after next, January 19th, will be 3 months since mom died and I think I'm only feeling it now. I'm incredibly sad. I'm tired. I'm empty and I feel as though I have nothing to give, although it seems as though I still am giving. Going through the motions without feeling much of anything but sadness. This is the first week where I'm actually allowing myself to do nothing, since she died and I refuse to feel bad for this little bit of selfishness. Next week, online classes start again, along with getting my business plan started, so I'm reveling in doing nothing....more


It’s been that kind of day.To top it off, I came home and Zush is hurting again.The yelp is back, albeit it very sporadic.The Zusher needs to be monitored constantly. Unfortunately, I have to be at work and Jim is busy during the day.When I left her this morning there was no yelp. This afternoon, I cam through the door and it’s almost being back at square 3.She isn’t constantly yelping. I wish she wasn’t yelping, period....more

Fibromyalgia patients have decreased brain connectivity

Fibromyalgia is NOT all in your head, and a new study out of Sweden may have just proved it.Researchers looked at the brains of women with and without fibromyalgia and found that those WITH it have decreased connectivity between regions of the brain that deal with pain and sensorimotor signals. The women with fibromyalgia had "significantly increased pain sensitivity" compared to the women without it.This may not mean they've found a cure for fibromyalgia, but the more we learn about it the closer we get to a cure or perfect treatment....more