Today, I stepped on a LEGO

At least twice a month, I step on a LEGO. I look upon it as an exercise to hurt myself and not curse aloud....more

Thin Skinned?

On average, men's skin is about 25% thicker than women's. It also tends to have a rougher texture. Most significantly, women have many more nerve receptors per square inch of skin than men do. ...more

Deep Down

It took watching a movie where people were exposing the most painful parts of their lives and this morning reading a controversial article about healing that prompted me to write.  When there is something that jumps out to me, I must write now....more

We all are suffering from back pain

On the days I do not run, I have back pain. On the days I do run, I sometimes have back pain, but it seems like it is not as bad. My sweet husband helps rub my sore muscles for me, just as I rub his back when he needs it. He generally has tension in his lower back; mine is at the top....more

I've Fallen

As a hoarder things can get a bit tricky when it comes down to wanting new thing. If you remember I got rid of a lot of things in an effort to clear up my mind and my house. I have also told you that this hoarding travel throughout my family. Please tell me why when my feelings get hurt I pack things away.My mother has been in and out of the hospital several times since I’ve started this blog. I must ask your forgiveness when you come to this page and don’t see a new posting from me. It could only mean two things. Mom is sick or something major has happened in the family....more

Life is all About-?

Parents are so important for their children....more

Don't test your relations

Parents are so important for their children....more


Earlier I told you my relationship with exercise is volatile. I love it. I hate it. I mask the hate by finding excuses not to do it. But when I love it I can’t stop talking about it. As a result I keep falling off and back on this exercise wagon. It really does hurt to get back on. I know because I do this a lot. Today I got back on it. My excuse lately had been the weather. It’s too cold I would say. But today the sun was out, the sky bright and blue; I didn’t have a reason not to....more

The Road to Success is not what it always seems

Sometimes the cost (of success) is physical, impacting one's limbs, in more ways than one.Oftentimes the impact is not only skin deep.Perhaps questioning or doubting one's skills in the related fields; experiencing cut-throat, merciless competition; working extra long hours and still wondering whether one will succeed....more

The Grouchy Butterfly

Plenty of life's worthwhile experiences come with difficulties, struggles, and pain....more