Pink Painted Pinecones

Happy Fall Y'all!Painting pine cones is the perfect way to bring your favorite summer color into fall!...more

Porch's and Front Door's

Porch’s and Front Door’s Revamping your porch’s and front door’s area…Your porch and front door, now that the holidays are over and your wreath is all packed up, it’s looking kinda bare and neglected right? Well here’s some neat ideas…...more

Paint Your Upholstery Fabric and Upcycle a Old Chair!

I had something else planned to show you today, but this awesome weekend project got bumped to the top of the list because I just love how it turned out. I scored a great old chair at the Salvation Army on Friday (it had great bones, as they say), and spent the weekend painting it and making it absolutely glamorous....more
A friend and I started to with wingbacks a we got on Craigslist. Bloody lot of work. We never ...more

What You Should Know About Painting Your Front Door Black

You remember my Purple Rain inspired front door, right? Here it is, before: and ... after: ...more
I love the added detail with the accessories. We have a new door which has never been painted as ...more

Nanny Gets Crafty

So... I know this isn't my typical post, but my blog my rules AMIRITE or amirite....more

Easy Dresser Makeover

I recently received a sample of Velvet Finishes paint and was super excited to try it out. Have you heard about Velvet Finishes yet? It’s a revolutionary new paint line that makes painting furniture a cinch.  ...more

DIY Wood Sign with printable

DIY Painted Wooden Charger Plates

Happy Monday!Brady and I are currently enjoying some EPIC mountain biking in Whistler,BC!!! Our little guy is, I’m sure, getting into all sorts of trouble with his Grandma back home as he spends his first days (and nights) away from Mommy and Daddy. We’ve been having a ton of fun barreling down the mountain on our bikes, but we are SO, SO eager to get back home to our favorite little man!...more

Colorful Painting Birthday Party

It was all set up, the perfect back drop of greenery from the tropical cover of trees and brightly colored lanterns overhead. The tables spaced in a single file line underneath so that each guest in his seat would feel like a little prince at their royal table. There were a few clouds in the sky, clouds I was hoping would part and give way to rays of sunshine trickling through the lush canvas of green around us....more
Denise  Thank you so much Denise!more

Hallway Makeover with a Stencil

January is always the perfect time of the year to take on an indoor project. Since you can't be outside in the garden {at least not where I live}, then why not clean out your closets, or stencil your hallway. It's a easy makeover, but one with huge impact. I say enough with flat walls, let's give them some personality!...more
That looks great!more