How to Apply Fabric to Furniture

Today I’m sharing with you my newest project and a new method I came up with for attaching fabric to furniture. ...more

Accent Table with Wood Filler Top

This little table was in awful shape when I found it....more

Make It Monday: Painted Console

Sometime in 1919, Mr. J....more

Refurbished Empire Table diy Chalk Paint

Don't you just love when you find a great solid old piece of furniture?  This piece was love at first sight!It had a few dings and needed some wood filler and glue on one of the legs.  I really do love the warm wood finish but with the repairs required I was forced to paint it up.  ...more

Refinishing The White Side Table

After: The White Side Table...more

It's Not Red

For quite some time….I’ve been obsessed with curvy/Frenchy furniture.  I’m must be out of style….because lately….I’ve been finding quite a bit of it.  Or maybe…folks are just sick of the look that EVERY piece of this furniture comes in….creamy white….with a gold wash…and gold accents.  EVERY one of them!!!...more

Getting Started in Blog Land

 I am a massage therapist by day, and a furniture painter in my free time. I have recently discovered Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (ASCP), and it re-ignited my love for painting. Growing up and on into my young adult years I was an artist. I worked with pastels, oils, watercolors, just about any medium. I also loved antiques, and as a hobby would go trolling estate sales, flea markets, and just about anywhere I could find a deal. I usually wound up buying some inexpensive piece, and repairing it and then restoring it....more

Pulling Furniture From the Trash and Making it Great

I belong to a group on yahoo called "FreeCycle." The general theme of the group is to try and keep things from the landfills. It's pretty amazing how many things get posted--some really great stuff sometimes. The other night I happened to scroll through the list and saw someone was getting rid of a dresser. I needed one for my daughter's room so I emailed. As it turns out, she lived only a few blocks away from me. ...more

A sneak peek at a surprise redesign or orange you glad you didn't have to paint this stuff

  It's been hot in Rhode Island. I mean, seriously hot, especially for June. So, what am I doing during all this? Spray painting tables outside (see them, over there, in the orange). Remember that client I mentioned? The nonprofit organization that won an office redesign? The office is in an old mill building and these tables are going to go in there. ...more