Peonies Original Oil Painting by Margaret Aycock

This is one of this year's crop of peony paintings.  It is on ebay this week, on auction.  What a joy it is to paint them.  You will have to look for Margaret Aycock... I have around 10 or 11 of them on hand.    This is one of my favorites.  Also new in my gallery are some recent paintings by my husband, Scott.  Check them out. Want to visit my blog?  click here...more

An Artist Loved Me Once

It's wonderful to be loved by an artist.  When they paint you over and over, it makes you feel beautiful.The painter and I were pen pals before we met.  My roommate was dating a sculptor.  The sculptor was friends with the painter, and voila!  I loved to get his letters.  I ran to the mailbox every day.  Each envelope was a work of art.  Even his signature was aesthetic--a swoop of a first initial, a period, then his last name.  You can fall in love with someone who writes you a lot.  Happens all the time these days.He sent me a b...more

Painting the Garden

Rhonda Fleming Hayes   ...more