Artist extraordinaire

I CAME across a devotee of the Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal meditating on the Holy Eucharist and what she shared to me was both enlightening and uplifting in terms of spiritual and intellectual perspective on the arts and religion....more

Lynn Dawson: Artist by nature

“Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing,” ---Camille PissarroOne of the few people blessed to seeing beauty in rocks and anything in nature is Erlenie C. Dawson, called Lynn by her friends....more

Teaching in Africa

Thank goodness life is not picky. Everyone seems to have good and bad experiences ranging from the heights of joy to the unending depths of sadness. With all of this character building, each person eventually finds a way to cope and survive the bad times, waiting for the good to come back around....more
 @Isabel_Anders Barbara and Isabel I am very interested in reading Barbara's book when it comes ...more

Healing Sexual Abuse

On our BlogHer profiles, our avatars are proudly displayed and also appear every time we comment.Visually representing ourselves by only a small square is a challenge. Some wondrous creativity comes into play as informative, decorative and sometimes humorous images are produced.I get a kick every time I go to my profile to check on my own BlogHer Followers, because look who I see right next to each other:...more
 @Isabel_Anders We love seeing you, Isabel!more