How to Do Good While Wearing Your Pajamas

 Any day you can support a good cause while in your pajamas is, in my opinion, a good day.Throw in breakfast for dinner, and it's a great day! ...more

Loungewear Paxton1345

Y'all, I am a jammies kind of girl...and I don't mean the frilly crap. I am a boxer shorts and t-shirt to bed girl and so whenPaxton1345 offered to send me a pair of their boxers, I was over the moon! These boxers are insanely soft and comfy. They're also the perfect length (nothing up your butt, if you want me to be completely frank with you). I love lounge wear because I'm a mom. I don't always wear cute clothes...comfort at home is key. ...more

Marvin Gaye and My Pajama Pants

Does anyone else hear the sweet dulcet tones of Marvin Gaye when they see their Pajama Pants? Is it just me? Let me set the stage ...more

The Pajama Game

The Pajama Game I won't say that I'm morally opposed to pajamas, but the idea that we all need an entirely different wardrobe to sleep in has always kinda stuck in my craw. I mean isn't Victoria's Secret just that she's overcharging us? I understand of course that we don't want to sleep in our dirty clothes, but what about a xx-large t-shirt? Some long johns? ...more

The IT List {Pajama Party Parade}

Is there anything more precious than a freshly bathed baby, coiffed, and dressed for bedtime? Is there anything more comforting than putting on a cozy set of pajamas and curling into a big fluffy bed?   ...more

You're Under Arrest for WPIP: Wearing Pajamas in Public

Are you guilty? Not me! It is one of my pet peeves.   Cindy Brown ...more

Banning pajamas in public

Who hasn’t driven their kids to school in pajamas? Raise your hand if you’re guilty. But if you haven’t noticed, pajamas, especially the bottoms, have become somewhat of a casual fashion statement in this country. Tweens, teens and college kids wear them, and not just to bed. To class, to the mall, around town, and some even try to get away with it at school. And they’re not alone. Adults find night clothing to be acceptable out in public, too. ...more

Plethora of Pajamas in Public Places

A Louisiana parish, according to AP reports, is considering a ban on wearing pajamas in public.A parish commissioner, while visiting Walmart, saw young men in p.j.s, and apparently got a peek at some private parts one would associate more with Chippendales than with Walmart’s chips and salsa aisle.Starved for news on the lighter side, this story attracted my rapt attention and at least ten minutes of deep introspection....more
@ani-mal Interesting that apparently pajama wearing is popping up more in some areas of the ...more

Please do NOT let this happen to you: part deux

I know you all remember this post a couple of weeks ago, which discussed fashion week and the resurgence of wearing pajamas as clothes. I feel like I’ve done a huge injustice to men. I should have been more specific and let them know it meant them too!It never occurred to me until this morning, when I came across this:...more
Yes, he is pretty cute in spite of it! @victorias_viewmore