my bed is my domain

I have been locked away in my room hidden beneath a pile of Kleenex and blankets. Wrapped from head to toe in pajamas, furry socks, and toboggan…the only skin visible to the eye is my bright red nose. My bed was my domain. ...more

The Christmas Pajamas

When TW and I blended our Christmas traditions, one of the easiest blends was the tradition of opening one gift on Christmas Eve - and that gift would be new pajamas. The only snag in this blending was that TW has this thing for kids (and adults) wearing matching holiday pajamas. I do not DO matching. Ever. So I quickly nixed the idea of adults participating in this one gift thing - and the matching pajamas thing. For the most part, the five children (plus strays that have lived with us) enjoy this tradition. But then again... ...more

Hot Fashion Trend Alert for Women

TREND: Women wearing their PJs (pajamas) to the store. THE RULES: You may NOT wear baby dolls, gowns or house coats…that is tacky and what mama would wear. It must be a shirt or hoodie with PJ bottoms and slippers!!!! My dear friends came to visit from another state last month. She could hardly believe I was serious about this latest trend UNTIL she got back to her state walked into the store and first thing she saw was….yep. We laughed for 2 solid minutes when she called on her cell. ...more

In the event of an emergency, sleep in as few clothes as possible!

Ok, I’m mixing my title again. I just watched our building’s emergency preparedness video and was quite impressed. They actually filmed our building with our property staff (this was before me) and engineering team. That made it feel relevant, instead of just another safety video. Yesterday, I mentioned Fiveberries’ post about sleeping naked to save money and save the planet. ...more