Hillary Clinton May Succeed in Building Mideast Peace

So if Clinton has strengths that others lacked when approaching the Mideast conundrums, where have they fallen down and how might Clinton avoid that trap? Aaron David Miller, the foreign policy adviser previously mentioned, reportedly sees the question mark over Clinton's ability to succeed in her Mideast negotiations role as dependent upon whether she can " ... look at life as a chessboard and figure out what the next move is and the next move after that." ...more

It would be so amazing if Secretary Clinton could go where no man has gone before in the Middle ...more

Israel: Trying to Live with Terrorism: Bomb in the Bread Section

The following are a couple of difficult memories of life in Israel. Difficult, because, really, why can’t the Jews just be left alone in their own little country on the Mediterranean?   ...more

The Choice of Israel

There is something you need to understand. I, along with many other Israelis, am disturbed by the loss of so many innocent Palestinian lives. The situation is not a simple one, and the rules of war are not so easy to follow when one side purposely chooses to endanger its own population. In an ideal war, if one can say such a thing, armies would battle other armies, and do their utmost to ensure that civilians are not in harm's way. ...more

Gaza and Israel: Reflections and resources

Let me set out a couple of things from the get-go: I'm not going to glorify Israel and I'm not going to vilify Hamas. I'm also not going to vilify Israel and I'm not going to glorify Hamas. ...more

I just wanted to provide a few more things for people to read, to try and get away from some ...more