The Presidential Debate - Mired in the Middle

I'm not a Democrat. I'm not a Republican. I'm not liberal and I'm not conservative. I'm moderate and I'm Independent. I vote for the candidate, not the party, and typically my ballots include votes for members from both parties. So at this point in the presidential election, I'm feeling a little lost.   ...more

The SC selected Bush in 2000 by a 5-4 majority; he has appointed more conservative judges ...more

Sarah Palin vs. Hilary Clinton - Don't They Both Have Vaginas?

Okay Ladies, I am officially confused.  To start off, I must explain that I am neither Republican nor Democrat.  Truth be known, I am not pleased with either presidential candidate at the moment.  The VP nominations have not helped. ...more

I agree with several of the other ladies who left comments.  This is not about being a woman, ...more

Such Old Lies

From CNN this morning, Sarah Palin is STILL giving the argument that Obama "associated with terrorists" in reference to his relationship with Bill Ayers. Um, I'm sorry but how many times must the the man repeat that he was EIGHT YEARS OLD when Ayers was committing terrorist activity? Yes it sucks, and Ayers definitely made some very bad decisions in his day but they met "when both worked with a non-profit group trying to raise funds for a school improvement project and a charitable foundation." I mean COME ON, what are you going to say; no, I can't talk to you ...more

I guess the old adage: repeat something enough and people will think it's the truth, is ...more

Moving to Canada?

“I’m moving to Canada,” the woman behind the counter told me.  “Getting married and moving to Canada.  We’ll be outside Toronto.” She works at the takeout place, Food, Food, where I spend half my life hanging around, since I hate to cook, but love to eat.  I’m the kind of horrible cook whose family and friends beg her (TO CONINUE, GO TO: ...more

The VP "Debate" (and I use the term loosely)

Cross-posted from my blog, South City Confidential So...the highly-anticipated VP debate.  We may never have another. I watched the debate with my lady friends eating an awesome dinner made by the lovely Kendal and drinking wine...lots of wine. Because when you set the ground rules that you drink every time Palin says "maverick", invokes Reagan, winks at the camera, mispronounced "nuclear", or dodges a question, you need lots of the vino. ...more

you shouldn't be able to push the button if you can't say the word

nucular. nuc-ular. nucuuuuuular. NUCULAR is not a word. nuc-lear is a word. allow me to spell it phonetically: noo-klee-er. from the french word nucléaire, which means unpronounceable on television by substandard vice presidential candidates. of all the things that bothered me about last night’s debate (and believe me there were a few), this mispronunciation takes the cake, and here’s why: ...more

Sarah Palin and Joe Six Pack

I hate the term "Joe Six Pack."  Just like I hate "the little housewife" or "the ball and chain" or any other gender/class stereotype.  I grew up just outside a mill town along the Monongahela River -- with kids whose parents worked in the mills and coke plants outside Pittsburgh.  It was actually the town portrayed in The Deer Hunter.  Some kids lived in trailers, some in four room "starter houses" that no one ever moved out of.  ...more

In the Blink of an Eye

The longer I listen to the McCain-Palin henchmen complaining about “gotcha” journalism, the more I realize there are two kinds of people in the world.  And no, I don’t mean Democrats and Republicans. I mean there are people who fail and automatically blame themselves.  And people who fail and automatically blame (TO CONTINUE, GO TO: ...more

W&W: Can Netroots Entertainers Galvanize Youth Vote?

So if the financial market doesn't implode first, the media may just explode in anticipation before Thursday's VP debate. Are expectations so low at this point that Sarah Palin wins just by showing up and sounding intelligent? ...more

Sarah Palin - The New Face of Feminism?

At some point, the term “feminism,” like “liberal,” became a dirty word (I guess that makes me a very dirty girl). Be that as it may, the word “liberal” has a true meaning that is far more attractive than one might be led to believe by conservative name-callers (it means favorable to progress or reform, as in political or religious affairs; favoring or permitting freedom of ...more

How about "woman"?

Or, "enlightened woman"?

I know, mother, ...more