Sarah Palin: Savior of the Two-Party System

Sarah Palin, Savior of the Two-Party System They want you stupid.  They want you trivial.  They want you numbed with a counterpoint of apathy, denial and transient, unsustainable enthusiasm and/or resentment.  That's the only way the bipartisan imperium that controls us-"governs" is too honorable a word-can keep the racket going. ...more

Democrats for Palin

I’ve been reading blogs lately, liberal and conservative and I’ve noticed a trend.  There seem to be more and more people calling for Sarah Palin to be replaced on the ticket.  It goes beyond the blogs ...more Just Got Kicked Out of Palin's DC Office

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Send Sarah In

John McCain has issued a statement asking "that the first presidential debate be postponed and he will suspend his campaign so he can focus on the economy." To which I say, fantastic! This is a real world scenario.  This is the primary equivalent of McCain being elected to office, kicking the bucket, and Sarah Palin having to step up to the plate. ...more

I'd love to see if that actually happens.


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Celebrity Women Doing Disservice to Women

Recent column in the New York Daily News: 09/20/2008-09-20_leftwing_women_stop_impaling_palin.html ...more

Palin Helping Swing State Numbers

About a week ago, I described in one of my comments about a conversation with my lifelong Republican mom who lives in SW Virginia which had me picking my jaw up off of the floor in disbelief. ...more

Anyone remember uncanny 2005 TV show “Commander in Chief” - did it predict Palin?

Does art imitate life or vice versa? It seems life in America may be following the 2005 drama about the first female vice president turned president, Mackenzie Allen. The resemblances are absolutely uncanny. Does anyone know if John McCain was a big fan? ...more

W&W: Can Saving the Economy Save Us From Spurious Sarah News?

So, sorry, Ms. Palin, but something happened on Wall Street to bump you off the front page. A little major market crash, that's all. Now, the candidates are scrambling to respond to Black Monday and the financial crisis; who's up to snuff on their economic policy? Hosts Ted, Maegan, and Teresa wonder if this help the campaigns concentrate on the issues and move beyond the personality attacks? ...more

Palin Ain't So Appealin'

Forgive me.  No one sent me the memo that all women are the same.   It's a mistake anyone could make (especially a woman).  I apologize to the GOP, Palin, McCain, and the other neoconservative pundits for speaking out against their sexist politics of the past.  I take back all my negative comments about Republicans trying to manipulate women by tapping into their deepest fears and religious convictions. ...more

Excellent points.

And I will not believe that God is behind your ticket.

And I ...more

Palin, Feminism, etc.

Let me get something out of the way first. I do think it's great we have a female VP candidate. It must have killed the Republicans to choose one in order to maintain its maverick image as they looked over many, far more qualified, but also much more moderate female Republicans to find Palin way up north. Let me also get something else out of the way. I consider myself a feminist, but permit me a moment to clarify what I mean by that because in this day and age there's been a huge backlash against those who claim to be feminists, most shockingly from other females. ...more