Falling for Drugstore Makeup

When the September fashion magazines hit the newstands, I get this urge to change my makeup. It's still summer, of course. But I'm starting to think fall. The thing is, just as my wardrobe is not ready for a silk dress with a long purple cashmere cardigan, striped hose, and black patent leather peep-toe mary janes, so my face is not ready for full-on cold weather makeup. I'm not ready for real foundation, powder, and lipstick. It's too heavy and serious and done looking. ...more

Although these aren't drugstore items, definitely get yourselves to a Sally Beauty Supply and ...more

Palladio and the tea trolley

It is August, so time for the newspapers and news programmes to be full of surveys – news, generally, being a bit thin on the ground – covering the spurious, the obvious, and the curious. The latest survey suggests that most office staff would like a tea break – even more, they want the tea trolley back http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/6947212.stm. Complete, presumably, with the tea lady? (It was always a tea lady.) ...more