Saving the coconut trees on Palm Sunday

 Sorry for this late post on Earth Day that was celebrated last April 22....more

Palm Leaf Inspiration from Palm Sunday

Yesterday was Palm Sunday, and Palm Sunday for many Christians marks the beginning of Holy Week, the week before Jesus died on the cross.  As Jesus rode into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, the people waved palm leaves in the air and laid down their coats and palm leaves on the ground.  Thus palm leaves have become an important motif in Christianity. ...more

On Easter I Celebrate the Resurrection of My Savior

With Palm Sunday right around the corner, celebrating Easter is on my mind. This Easter Sunday, March 31, 2013, I will gather with mi familia and celebrate our Risen Lord; we will color hardboiled eggs, give our grandchildren candies and chocolates (that we hope and pray will not give them cavities), and finally sit together to a fine meal where we will hold hands and together give praise and heartfelt thanks for God’s gift to us, Jesus, His Son—The Sacrificial Lamb of God....more
@neekswrite And this was just another day for us to be thankful, dear Amiga. I hope and pray ...more

Little Witches Of Palm Sunday!

Today is Palm Sunday. We have old traditions in Finland for Palm Sunday. The Palm Sunday is a bit like Halloween for kids here....more