Treat Yourself for Valentine's Day

This Valentine’s Day, take some time out to show some TLC to the most important person in your life — you!Schedule a relaxing massage, sleep in, or try a new look. Whether you’re staying in for a romantic evening or heading out for a night on the town, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to pamper yourself and have some fun. Here are some must haves that are designed to put a smile on your face on this sweet holiday.Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play Available at Target, CVS, About $6...more
Thanks so much Robin! Hope you enjoy your Valentine's Day. xoxoxo Debramore

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2011

After everything she’s done for you, it’s time to celebrate Mom! The Gift Giving Advisory Board is here to help you show Mom how special she is with our 2011 Mother’s Day Gift Guide....more

Pampering (or, a glass of wine solves everything)

The last couple of weeks have been utterly crazy. I can't even believe we survived. Really. Between getting packed up and ready for vacation with a toddler, enduring a visit to Urgent Care in an unknown city, and bottle weaning, I feel like I've aged five-years in the last three weeks....more

Just A Little Pick Me Up

 I went shopping yesterday for some Christmas gifts & I came back with a few sweet purchases for myself. As of lately I had been feeling sort of out of it & just not glamorous. It might have been that I was sick for the last week but sometimes it's great to just buy a few little simple gifts for yourself....more

Are you taking care of yourself?

When you’ve had a really stressful day, week, or even month, or things just aren’t going right in your life for whatever reason, it’s easy to lapse into a routine of sulking, bingeing on unhealthy foods or alcohol, watching trashy TV all day and all night, and generally feeling sorry for yourself....more

These are great suggestions - we are definitely on the same wavelength.  Just today I ...more

Why Do I Feel Guilty When It Comes To Spending $ On Myself?

I constantly feel guilty when it comes to spending money on myself.My grey hair has been showing more these days. So decided to go to the hair salon to color & highlight my hair. Called & cancelled twice before today. Was just going to call & cancel again when I happened to tune in to Oprah's show where Dr. Christiane Northrup was talking about how important it is for women to take care of ourselves or else the body/mind/spirit would just breakdown. This usually happens after age 35....more

Exfoliate for Brighter Skin: Out With the Old, in With the New

This time of year can do a number on your skin; the combination of cold weather outdoors and warm air indoors leaves your hands and face and limbs feeling dry and, well, sad. Take five minutes to exfoliate and uncover a whole new you.Exfoliating is a simple way to refresh tired winter skin; sloughing off the dead, dry top layer (eew) gives you a glow that no makeup can match. But you don't need a fancy cream or scrub to bring out the best in your skin -- a washcloth will do just fine....more

Sinfully Soft Skin for Holiday Seductions

Celebrate YOU!

The media bombards us with images of women who are pencil thin, who look flawless 24 hours a day, and who manage all of their myriad responsibilities without ever breaking a sweat. We often fall into the trap of believing the hype and setting unrealistic expectations for ourselves. Added to that, on a daily basis we are asked to live up to the expectations of our spouses, our children, our extended families; sometimes even our friends and neighbors. ...more

Ladies that Lounge

Def} Lounge Diva - A woman who knows to be all she can be, starts with taking the best care of you and pampers herself in numerous ways to achieve it. I hope to inspire women the world over to take time out and inspire them with weekly inspirations and ideas to create some calm, balance and so life is that little bit easier. Being a diva is a state of mind, being a Lounge Diva is a way of life. ...more