Nutritious Oatmeal Chia Pancakes with Kefir

  Nutritious Oatmeal Chia Pancakes with KefirNutritious Oatmeal Chia Pancakes with Kefir are hearty and delicious. Traditional pancakes are kicked up a notch. Healthy and satisfying. Perfect for dinner too....more

Pancakes Might be the Answer to a Healthier Relationship

This might sound a bit odd, but I do believe pancakes can lead to a healthier relationship. And I have the perfect example to prove it!See, me and my boyfriend are what you’d call the perfect couple and I believe it is because we do things together. And by things I don’t only mean watching movies and going out, we also like cooking together.And lately, we got hooked on these pancake recipes....more

Foodstirs Blueberry Pancake Muffins

Pssst. I have a confession to make. Ready? Here goes....more

Trusting your gut in the kitchen (and the most perfect pancakes ever)

I knew  better. I KNEW BETTER.The recipe said to saute the halved mushrooms and the asparagus tips together for three minutes until the shrooms were soft. I thought to myself: Well that doesn’t seem long enough for the mushrooms and the asparagus will get mushy in the mean time. Well myself was correct. Except that I saved the asparagus at the expense of the mushrooms and ended up with chewy blobs in my pasta....more

Pumpkin Semolina Pancake

Pumpkin Semolina Pancake or dosa is a vegan, quick and easy, delicious pancake recipe that is worth try. This is another perfect way to enjoy the flavor of pumpkin this fall season....more

Apple Pie Pancakes

Hey guys!  Fall has finally come, well in CA we are still having some hot days but nonetheless my mind is on fall everything!  I developed this Apple Pie Pancake recipe over the weekend when I needed something besides eggs for breakfast.  I hope you all make them and enjoy them as much as we did!Check out the link to get the recipe Romeo...more

Pancake Selfies and a Solution to Breakfast Buffet Brawls

I read this story a few months ago about a fight breaking out over a breakfast buffet waffle that ended with 30 people getting kicked out of a hotel. While I wasn’t able to verify the story, the point is that things can get messy around those self-serve hotel waffle makers. And I don’t just mean the dripping batter....more

Pancakes with Lime Cherry Sauce

The best pancakes are made at home. Fluffy, delicate and delicious. Instead of buying frozen pancakes and the store they should be made at home. They are quick to make, probably less than 30 minutes. Sometimes the time is limited in the morning but these hot cakes are definitely worth extra effort to make them....more

1 Banana 2 Eggs

Denmark Pancakes...more

Samoa Cookie Protein Pancakes

Yes, there’s nothing quite like a Saturday morning. :)So, let’s talk about the important thing here: PANCAKES. ...more