Tuscan Cannellini + Pancetta Soup

Tuscan Cannellini + Pancetta SoupA few weeks ago, I literally squealed while visiting our local Sloterij. I found Cannellini beans. A distant cousin of the (also) Italian Lupini Beans, Cannellini have a creamy white color. When cooked, they have a fluffy texture and a slightly nutty, mild flavor. This makes them great for cold salads, or warm soups....more

Cheesy Potato and Pancetta Cakes

I'm usually quite health conscious when it comes to preparing meals for the family, however, I'm going to turn a blind eye going to admit it, loud and clear, that this isn't necessarily the "lightest" or healthiest meal. I mean, potatoes are healthy and a small amount of cheese (or lard) never hurt anyone, right?! In my defence, the Italians eat like this all the time...and they don't seem to have issues with their weight like us North Americans do!...more
Potatoes, pancetta and cheese. There's just no way you can go wrong with that combination. more

Healthy and Decadent- Quiche with kale and pancetta

Directions:1. Buy a healthy foood item (kale)2. Add it to a quiche filled with cheese, butter, heavy cream, pancetta and vodka (true story)3. Bake and eat4. Congratulate yourself on your sheer genius.  Well done, you!Read the rest herexo omeletta...more

Simple Food v. Modernist Cuisine?-Aroma Cucina

Simple Food v. Modernist Cuisine?-Aroma Cucina There is joy in simplicity.  No apologies necessary. Keep it simple stupid and cook away.  Now mangia! http://aromacucina.typepad.com/aroma_cucina/2011/04/simple-food-v-modernist-cuisine.html http://bit.ly/iGZ8ER...more

Whole Wheat Penne a la Vodka from www.HartleyConfections.com

Penne a la Vodka is the third installment of the Healthy Cooking on the Cheap Series and is a perfect recipe for entertaining. I’m even making this delicious dish tonight for the very person who is designing the new Hartley Confections Logo! This may explain why the design of the blog has been changing the last few days. I’m working on some Hartley Confections branding that will provide a cleaner look and a better ...more