Ovarian Cancer: Teenage Breakthrough?

This 15 year old created a test to detect ovarian, pancreatic, and lung cancer. It costs THREE CENTS. Why is this on TedWeekends, and not all over the news? http://nopithyphrase.blogspot.com/2013/03/cancer-is-more-important-than-duckface.html If his test is accurate and true, this could be a breakthrough for two of the deadliest cancers out there: pancreatic and ovarian....more

The Genomic Pancreatic Cancer Revolution is A Live at Methodist Hospital Houston

Robert Graham Hybrid Medical Media: Reporting From The ACRP 2012 Global Conference Houston, Texas April, 19 2012The Genomic Revolution is A Live at The New Methodist Hospital Houston...more

When Found Early Doesn't Translate Into Treated Early

Screening Saves Lives.  We’re bombarded with the message.  Colon cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, bowel cancer, cervical cancer, you name it cancer, heart tests, blood cholesterol tests, on and on… so long as we screen we catch it early and we survive.  For better or worse, that is the message seared into my cells....more
Two months is a long wait and I can only imagine the emotional toll this has on her. I wish your ...more

I Will Miss You Uncle

 I have sad news.  My uncle Pat lost his battle with pancreatic cancer late this afternoon.  He faced his illness with courage, determination and most of all hope.       One of his last wishes was that he would be strong and aware enough to be able to tell his family that he loved them before they said their good-byes.  Thankfully he was able to do that.       My heart goes out to my aunt Dolores, my cousins Carl, Bobby, Rachel and their families....more

Did "Alternative Medicine" Kill Steve Jobs?

When they first discovered the tumor in his pancreas in October 2003, his doctors told him an immediate operation was necessary, and could lead to a cure....more

Pancreatic Cancer On My Mind

I bet even those living on the moon have heard about Steve Jobs’ passing due to pancreatic cancer.  Like many, I feel very impacted by his death.  Like many who have lost loved one’s to that terrible disease, I have mixed emotions.  I am very sorry for his passing, for the loss to his family and to the world.  I am feeling grateful that Jobs’ death has people thinking and talking about pancreatic cancer for a change, and in the midst of Pink October, of all months!  But I also resent that it takes such a big name death to get people talking about pancreatic cancer.<...more

How Much Do We Really Know About Pancreatic Cancer?

It is a shame that it would take the death of one of the most forward-thinking men in consumer technology for us to consider how much further we still have to go in terms of developing early detection methods and improving the survival rate of patients suffering from pancreatic cancer. ...more
My best friend died of it one year a go. Wise thought to contribute for the research about it. more

Previving Pancreatic Cancer

“We are asking you to take part in this study because you are at higher risk compared to the general population for developing pancreatic cancer, based on your personal or family history.”...more

Help - My Hair Is Falling Out and I Can't Stop It

  “Help!  I’m losing my hair rapidly - all is gone except a two inch patch right tin the middle of my head. I’ve been diagnosed with Alopecia and I’m completely clueless. This is so sudden for me - any help will be greatly appreciated.”...more

(VIDEO) Prayers and Hopes Rise for Aretha Franklin

The news about Aretha Franklin isn't good. It's not good at all. Reports from her family earlier this week say the 68-year-old singer, pop culture icon, Detroit resident, and first woman inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has pancreatic cancer ...more

Thank you for mentioning "Chain of Fools," also one of my favorites. I knew I had forgotten a ...more