Nice Pants, Chef

Working in the food service industry can be long hard work.  It is hot in the kitchen, the orders never stop and you have to get it right every time.  Not much room for self-expression unless you are inventing new dishes.  Thankfully, one way for restaurant owners and managers to spice the fun up for chefs is to give their chefs fun things to wear....more

How to Wear: Navy Pants

Hey everyone!! It's Fashion Week on A Little of This and That and this week of fashion posts and advice starts with a good ol' "How To". A friend of mine posed a question for me on Facebook, "How do you wear navy pants?" Basically, she's treating navy like it is a color and not a neutral. But navy is a neutral. It can be worn with other neutrals just fine but it can also be worn with COLOR...which is my favorite. Here are some examples:...more
@BlogHerStyle Ooooooh 1st option and fourth option is all me!more

Marathon Pants

My marathon pants are one step away from total disintegration. And it makes me sad. The pants in question are not pants used to run a marathon. They’re the jeans that I fit into after I completed my first (and so far, only) marathon. That was almost three years ago, or more than a lifetime—my daughter’s lifetime, that is.The pants were also my post-preggo goal pants. The ones that would confirm that I had pretty much lost all my baby weight....more

Screw These Skinny Jeans!

Do you own skinny jeans? Do you love them? Or do you despise the hell out of the fad as much as I do. For some reason I decided to buy skinny jeans. I know I’m not skinny. I know my legs and hips and thighs don’t naturally fit into a jean/spandex blend very well. But I’m turning 30 and dammit, I still got it!...more

Levi's to Men: Wear the Pants. Women to Levi's: Bad Marketing Decision.

I was once called a Vietnamese Guerrilla Woman for wearing pants, and now Dockers wants to keep me in a skirt. The Web and twitterverse have been all, well.. atwitter about Dockers' new "pants" commercial.   It really is damned annoying, if clever. ...more


The Perfect Jeans: Five Tips to Get the Best Fit

The perfect jeans are like the Holy Grail: Many of us aren't sure they really exist, but we believe, and we search. Endlessly. We try on every possible pair, and we put our faith in the most expensive options because if they work for celebrities, maybe they'll work for us.But it's not about how much you spend, or what brand you're wearing; the perfect jeans are all about fit....more

Plus in the winter, they hide slush stains easier.

They also ...more

Make your town's Thanksgiving celebrations eco-ethical

Think local. That's what you often hear when you try to adopt a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle. And it's true. Shop at your farmer's market, support local farming, buy from your neighborhood artisans, and you will help take a step toward changing the business-as-usual, made-as-cheaply-as-possible, un-eco and inhumane aspects of capitalist-lifestyle-as-is today. But making a lifestyle change isn't all that easy -- especially on the quick. ...more

TREND WATCH - Chic Leather


Holy Highwaters!

I get the fact that cropped pants go in and out of style, but I don’t agree with it. Here’s a little inside information I bet you didn’t know from our friend, ...more