Well Thank you Duchess Catherine :0(

     It’s all over the news!  Duchess Catherine single handedly has sent women back into bondage.   Okay maybe its not completely her fault. due to the media reporting on  every little movement and fashion decision she makes.  However thanks to her recent fashion choice women everywhere are going to retreat back to the days of nylon bondage.  How could she do this to us??    Duchess Catherine wears……....more

The Power of Pantyhose

Helen Uffner: Get Me Warm and Hose Me Down

by Helen Uffner ...more

Why Write A Stockings Blog?

Stockings Addict has been around for almost 18 months now. The other day, while feeling a bit nostalgic and reading some old articles from last year, I realized I have never once explained to you, my readers, why I write this blog. In recent weeks, several meaningful conversations with fellow bloggers have made it abundantly clear to me why it is I do what I do. I've narrowed by thoughts down to four general statements, and I'd like to share them here....more

Death by Pantyhose

One of the things I love most about weekends is not having to wear pantyhose. Really, I don't know who thought the concept of an elasticized corset with legs would be comfortable. Maybe it works for sausage, but around a middle age waist, it's just plain torture. After years of tolerating tight waistbands and the inevitable "overflow bulge" that happens when your abdominal fat is squashed upwards (where else is it going to go?), I'd finally had it. I had been avoiding taking drastic measures up until now, but my sanity was at stake. ...more
I like wearing pantyhose and tights, but sometimes wear gartered stockings to.. So why not wear ...more

WOW It's been awhile......

WOW so much to say but not really lol It's been awhile since I did an actual blog. I have been twittering a lot tho. lol www.twitter.com/izzycharm Right now is a VERY busy time around here. I am getting ready for my next rounds of photoshoots. Which means I have been shopping like crazy.I had to find a new makeup artist UGH  and I am playing my own stylist this time around. Which should be pretty easy. Who knows what I like to wear better than I do right? ...more

Religulous among friends

I'm having the best day. I've gotten to spend the day with one of my bestfriends and got  to finally see Religulous. I would totally do naughty things to Bill Maher *drools* I did some major damage on the MAC website today. I got some much needed foundation, lipstick and eye shadows. I'm a lipstick whore LMAO I love the Mac Long wear pro or whatever it's called. Gotta have that kiss proof and everything else proof lipstick *wink* I spent part of yesterday clipping coupons. I have become a total coupon whore. I even got 2 FREE bottles of Suave lotion. ...more

Public relations can work for you

A common misconception is that advertising and public relations are the same. Let me clarify. Advertising is paid placement; PR is third-party coverage, as in a reporter included you or your business in an article. This can be much more credible than advertising, but you lose the control you have when you place an ad. A good PR campaign can have lasting effects, creating buzz and driving sales. ...more



I would break off with my boy friend if he ever dons on one of those mantyhoses.

Mandy ...more