Kate Middleton: It's All Going Tits Up!

There are certain perennial hot topics I avoid in open forum, or with people I don’t know well.Typically, this would include Politics, Religion, Royalty and, of late, any debate about ’50 Shades of Grey’. Talk about a nation divided.Credit Image: © National News/ZUMAPRESS.com...more

Stop Celebrity Victim Mentality. These people bring it on themselves.

This a quick summary of a more detailed post from my blog today on celebrities who complain about attention. Our culture is too concerned with what celebrities think and feel these days, and not concerned enough about 1 in 10 people being without a job. When will we learn to prioritize? Hold Katy Perry accountable. If she doesn't want to have her breasts showing up all over the web, she needs to cover them up....more

The French Identity Crisis

by Nia Peeples ...more

This blog is absolutely one of my favorites! =) I have, only this year, realized that all I can ...more

Why Lady Gaga's Music Is Feminist - Part 1

Lady Gaga - The Fame (2008) on (Streamline/Konlive/Cherrytree/Interscope) Part 1: Oh snap. Yes, I just said it. Lady Gaga's music is feminist. Why do I say such things? Because I can back it up. And because I love her music, videos, and persona. She is the reason I have actually started to listen to pop music again. So, let me tell you about feminist music.... ...more

We invite you to consider that this New Feminism would be supported by some interesting new ...more

BlogHer Paparazzi

I'm not attending BlogHer 09 in Chicago. God how I wish I was. I'd love nothing better than a weekend away from the responsibilities of this family life I've chosen. Time with intelligent, talented, witty females whom I might be able to relate too. The freedom to have a few drinks and hang out without the 6am wake up call of a fussy baby. Yes I want to go, but I won't be going. Money, family obligations, mostly money will keep me from it. Anyone want to stow me away in their suitcase? ...more

I feel the same way.  Some day! Our time will come.