Ditch the clutter: Stop junk mail

Stopping junk mail's easy -- theoretically -- since all you need to do is say no. But because you have to say no to so many different companies -- and may want to preserve one or two coupon mailers you use -- de-cluttering your mail box can get difficult pretty fast. This perhaps explains why so many people still get -- and complain about -- the amount of junk mail they get. ...more

Your Priorities, Passions, and Gifts Create Context for Your Clutter

 I was helping a client organize her office the other day. The surfaces were clear. The floor was clear. We had a lot of papers to go through. But we had to stop. Before we could proceed, I needed to know her priorities. She had mentioned half a dozen interests and activities in which she participated. She was in the midst of rethinking her life. But in order for us to move forward, she needed to identify her mission and vision for her life. ...more

Nice take on helping your client organize her life.  Once you know what your goals are ...more


Papers that need filled out or followed up on: Sit down right then and complete the paper work, put it in an envelope and put it in your POWER JOURNAL! To drop off or mail. If it is something that you need to follow up on, put it in your POWER JOURNAL! So that when you open up your POWER JOURNAL! The next day, you remember and can do it RIGHT THEN!!! Start today the habit of following through and not procrastinating! ...more

Now My Readers Know I Poop!

I take my free samples very seriously.I wondered what a free sample of toilet paper would look like. Would it be folded? Would it be rationed for 1 wipe? What kind of wipe? ...more

Paper Reviews: Fancy Legal Pads

If I want to write with nice pens, I am going to want to write on nice paper. My main issue was fretting that cheap paper is going to accumulate microscopic paper muck in my fountain pen nibs and clog same. To that end I decided to find paper to bring to work with me, since that is where I do most of my writing. Yes, I know, most people take the office supplies away from work. I make vast use of legal pads, so I struck out and found both Doane and Rhodia make legal pads. ...more

Anniversary Party Favors

Since I'm OCD, and also love over-planning events, I decided to make favors for the RTBF's parents' surprise dinner-- in red, black, and white, to coordinate with the invites (quick tutorial on those to follow soon!) .  It was actually easier than I expected, and I think the splash of red will add a nice accent to the table! My idea started off as simple thank-you tags for the favor boxes...  but as you'll see, morphed into a different project. ...more

Craft Corner: The Surprise Invite

The RTBF's parents are celebrating their 40th anniversary in a couple weeks! Anyways, I made these invitations for the surprise dinner we're having, since I wanted an excuse to use my JustRite monogram stamper.  (The "P" on the inside monogram is supposed to show through the punched out circle, but you can't see it in a couple of the pictures when the cards aren't flat.) The cover text and inside "shhh" were stamped, as was the monogram; the rest of the text was handwritten in gold pen.  I used a circle punch and Nestabilities to cut out the monogram and the cover circle. There's one card that's different from the rest-- the one with the thin red band was my first card, and I decided it was just too tricky to position the ribbon AND the strip of cardstock straight, so I made the cardstock bigger.  Hey, it's not like they're comparing invites, right? More photos: ...more

Crafty Christmas Decorations

Between cold stormy weekends and school ending soon for the holiday, this is a great time to have some crafty holiday projects that can engage the whole family in a few time-killing, charming decoration-making activities.  What says "keeping the family busy" more than a some glue, scraps of paper, or other craft-store finds? ...more

Mr. Turkey Sandwich's Wild Ride

This was actually done for a Biology lab last week, entitled "What happened to the food I just ate?" when we were learning all about the digestive system.  I was to write a paper detailing the journey of food from going in to coming out.  ;)   I got 80 out of 80 on this.  Yay! Mr. Turkey Sandwich's Wild Ride ...more

Savvy Context: The Crowd Weighs in on Paper

Instead of writing this post from inside my own little bubble, I asked some friends what they thought of writing on paper. I find that it's much more satisfying for me to put the ink on the page myself rather than relying on a computer. I think that writing on paper makes the writing more personal. —Kandi H. Want more? Read more on the FRINGE BLOG. ...more