5 Pinterest Boards for Paper Artists to Follow

Disclaimer: If you end up on Pinterest for hours today, it's clearly not my fault, because I'm only telling you which boards to follow. I'm certainly not telling you to scroll all the way down through all of their awesomeness, through the forest of instructional blog posts and how-tos and DIY goodness. That's on you. :) ...more

Mason Jar Card Fireflies in a Jar

With the weather finally getting warmer, I started to think about summer nights as a kid growing up in the country. My brother and I used to catch fireflies and put them in jars. They were so mesmerizing to watch. Expecally when we brought them inside...... and let them out!!...more

Jay The Crafting Cyclone

Sooooooo we start in on the first card and…….she beat us all! She was a whirling cyclone of card making fury! I told her to slow down.  Nope, she got the hang of it and was able to speed up.  ...more