When Did St. Patrick’s Day Parades Become so Exclusive?

March 18, 2013, By Kathy Groob, ElectWomen.com – Let me start by saying, “I’ve got Irish blood in me.”  All my ancestors came across the pond on boats bound for American from their homeland of Ireland.  Although I don’t partake in green beer and drunken buffoonery often synonymous with St. Patty’s Day, I enjoy the pipes, kilts and green parade festivities of St. Patrick’s Day.  Hey, it’s a day when we’re all Irish, right?  Wrong....more

New York City Loves a Parade and Me Too

Three visits in a row to New York City and I found myself smack dab in the middle of a parade.  Two of the parades included an appearance by Victor Cruz, lucky me....more

A Memory per Decade

OK just for grins I'm going to write about the first memory that pops in my head for each decade since I was born.  ...more
I think it is really a cool idea! It is amazing all that we can dig up from our "memory files," ...more

Parade passion!

Parades are my secret passion! ...more
LOL! Alright...I hear you! I will. Smiling! @Laine Griffinmore