Crossing the Line: Stalking Awareness Month

Paranoia While I have never been stalked, at least I don't think I have, the mere thought of it unnerves...more

Goodbye, Cruel World

I'm not normally a hypochondriac. Really, I'm not. I don't really get sick very often, and I'm not usually one to obsess over my health. HOWEVER... A few months ago I convinced myself that I had a blood clot. I had a little pain in my leg and I read on the internet that if a person sits a great deal and doesn't get up to move or stretch, it might be indicative of a blood clot, which might then break loose and travel up to their lungs and give them a pulmonary embolism. I sit a lot - working at the computer during the day and for a long time every night, and this worried me. ...more

Karen -

You sound just like me! I'm only a ...more