The Waves

My fight comes and goes. I claw and spit and yell and shake my fists at the injustice of it all until I completely run out of steam and crawl back into my hole for a few months. I back down when I realize that, yes, it’s bigger than me. The whole Family Law System is bigger than me. I back down when I realize that I need my energy to work my day job with children with Autism. And I need my energy to finish my BCBA classes to be a Board Certified Behavior Analyst....more

For The Family - Alienation Red Flags

Dear Parents,I know I took last week off from reaching out to you. What can I say? I needed the break and maybe you did too. I don't want to overwhelm anybody....more

A childs point of view on pas

My name is Chrissy. Im the founder of ~Survivors not Victims~. I have many chapters to my book of life as you can see on my website. But this chapter is on PAS and how it effected me. ...more