Drug intervention. It's not always how they show it on T.V.On the T.V. show there's a beginning, a middle, and an end. Usually, a happy end. In life...real-life addiction...there's a beginning, but you can't see it. You have no idea where the beginning started for the addict you love. I look at pictures of her when she was young and try to see a sign of it, but I don't see it....more

The Unrelenting Self-Doubt And Second-Guessing of Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

You're never gonna know what the exact right thing is to do.  You just aren't. How much does that suck? Being a parent is tough business, and for those of us with postpartum depression or anxiety I'd venture to say it's even tougher.  We start off on the wrong foot from the very start.  This leads to even more self-doubt, even more guilt, and even more second-guessing. I still do this all the time. ...more

Today's Parenting Mantra: To Getting Out the Guilt!

A moment came over me as I was reading one book by an older venerable parenting source, Waldorf educator Rahima Baldwin, and one more recent: the Sears family. As I made connections between the two, I hit upon a little parenting mantra, and some thoughts about parental guilt. read more... ...more


My great fear as a parent is that I will fail. No, that's too trite. My great fear is that despite an intellectual commitment to raising my children in as thoughtful, respectful, joyous and diligent a manner as possible, I will instead harm them with those thoughts and beliefs that remain hidden from the world, and even from myself; the submerged opinions formed in my own childhood that have long since been consciously rejected, but which perhaps persist, infecting my healthy parenting with a malady of anachronism. This is Sophie: Visit Backpacking Dad for the rest. ...more

Happy families aren't all alike

It's late in the evening and I'm just getting home from an event. My two boys are fast asleep. They've had dinner, a story, and were tucked in by their father hours ago. I can't help going into their rooms to check on them, kiss them, and hope subconsciously they know I am there and that I love them. I know I may have missed some good moments with them tonight, but I know too that I can offer them more by excelling at what I do. ...more

Is Baby Einstein Evil?

Baby Einstein, you’ve been getting some bad press here lately. Are you feeling unloved? I’ve noticed a lot of press recently concerning the Baby Einstein series of videos and its friends. Do the videos really slow learning and lead to ADD/ADHD? Dr. Christakis seems to think so and he’s a doctor so he’s got to be right. Right? After reading all of this and hearing about it on the news for several days, I find myself wondering if maybe the videos are just an easy scapegoat. ... more ...more