Life Lessons Learned During Open Enrollment

Every year that open enrollment comes along at work, it’s hard not to roll my eyes. As a (gratefully) healthy young women, I don’t visit the doctor much, and health care is not a huge concern of mine. Luckily my boyfriend has awesome healthcare through his employer, and our son is covered under him....more

Were Those Vaginal Babies?

 "Were those vaginal babies?" No joke.  This was an actual question regarding my tiny newborn twins.  ...more

My Impossibly High Expectations of My Father

It was January 2005 and we were celebrating my sister’s birthday in my Upper West Side apartment with my father and his new wife. We were ordering sushi for dinner and as we were discussing who would have salmon or tuna, my father looked over at my sister and me, and with a smirk on his face said, “Natasha can’t have raw fish.”...more

Having a Daughter

I knew I was pregnant the minute it happened. ...more

Believing in the Tooth Fairy

I’ve never believed in the tooth fairy - even when I was a newly immigrated 6-year-old losing her first tooth. I saw right through the hokey pokey stuff they tried to sell me on. ...more

When Your Little Girl is Daddy's Little Girl

One night last week at bedtime, my five-year-old daughter wrapped her arms around my husband and me into a tight embrace and said, “Oh I love you BOTH SOOOOO MUCH!” She squeezed us with all her might and looked my husband square in the eyes and said, “But mommy is one number higher t ...more

The Perils of Affluenza


Why I Avoid Chit Chat

I don’t have many notable talents, but the ability to converse with pretty much anyone is my biggest claim to fame. However, occasionally I want to slip into the 6-year-old shell of myself, and retreat into a dark turtle shell so I can avoid the adult polite conversation known as chit chat. ...more

My Son, He's Just Like Me