3 Things Teenage Boys Need to Know About Dating

My 15 year old son has found a girlfriend.  This is significant, because prior to this summer, we struggled with how technology has interfered in the way which our teenagers approach the dating scene.  Prior to this, my son only talked about girls he met on social media...half of the girls he talked to didn't even live in our state!...more

Dear Husband: I Need You

It’s amazing the moments that make you realize the goldmine that you have in your spouse.Vacation is what has done it for me.See, I have a husband that LOVES being married and LOVES being a father with all that it comes with. We have a very balanced relationship. As in if the baby is screaming and doesn’t want me, he comes over and trades a glass of wine for the baby without prompting. Being married to my husband has spoiled me insanely. I love it but when he’s not with me, it’s me that’s crying!...more

3 Steps to Becoming the Fun Parent

Dear Mouthy Housewives, I'm always the bad guy when it comes to enforcing things with my kids -- like flossing, cleaning up their rooms, practicing piano, etc. However, my husband is seen as the fun guy. After work, he just blows on in with a bucket of fun, leaving me to deal with the real responsibilities when it comes to the kids. I'm sick of it! What should I do? Signed, Sometimes I'd Like To Be the Fun Mom ...more

Mommy's Social Media Rules

My 9 year old just got into a relationship.  I knew it was inevitable but I secretly hoped she would wait a little bit longer to step into this new phase of life.  However, she came to me and pleaded her case that she was grown up enough to get into this relationship so I’m going to allow it.  My gut tells me this relationship is going to be pretty serious and chances are despite how I feel about it – it’s probably going to last her lifetime.  She is officially in a relationship with social media.  *sigh*...more

Happy Tenth Birthday Lilo!

Sweet Lilo is ten years old today. Yes, it was a DECADE ago that I became a mother. I remember looking down at the skinny, black-haired, prune-faced, jug-eared BEAUTIFUL babe I had recently pushed out of my very own hoo-ha and praying, “Oh dear God, this is the most important thing I have ever done; help me be worthy of this child”....more

Children are People Too

Every Sunday I share a bloom – a small idea of how to improve our world.Tend the garden of humanity with me by blogging with your own idea on any Sunday.If you do, feel free to pingback here so we can keep the conversation going....more


The countdown has begun: C will be three in only about two and a half weeks.Sometimes I look through the archives of my blog to revisit all the things we’ve been through together.I remember when I saw her shimmy-shake across the screen for the very first time....more

Threading the Needle

This evening I was in C’s room with my sewing box. She has a pile of clothes that have needed to be mended for awhile, and since I was off work today because of the snow we got last night, I figured today was the day that I would finally get to this task. ...more

Goodbye Parenthood. Hello Ugly Cry.

I am ... Queen of the Ugly Cry.Yes. I'm pretty sure that I invented the ugly cry many years ago.It was 1994. And it was called, "Party of Five."...more

Farewell Parenthood: Top 10 Episodes

On March 2, 2010 we were introduced to the Braverman family from Parenthood. The show debuted to over 8 million viewers and while it isn’t the best ratings it was decent enough. Of course this article isn’t about the amount of viewers Parenthood had during its run; though it is sad that more people didn’t give the show a chance. This article is about celebrating Parenthood and what he brought to the table and why the show will be sorely missed by the fans. ...more