February Chat with a Dad: Benjamin Brooks-Dutton of Life as a Widower

I first wrote about what happened to Ben (without naming him) on this blog post where I talked about life imitating art. I’m not so sure how I first came across Benjamin Brooks-Dutton’s blog called Life as a Widower, all I know is that I’ve been addicted to his blog ever since I found it. It is a very poignant, honest account of what it’s like to suddenly lose the love of your life and the mother of your-very-young child. After all, what do you say to your two-year-old when he starts asking for his mum?...more

Marriage, Divorce and 'Parenthood:' Come ON, Joel and Julia

**Spoiler Alert: You might not want to read this if you aren’t current with Parenthood episodes**...more
Why is there no discussion at all about the fact that Joel was kissed by that slutty mom Raquel ...more

Thwarting the Straps

I assembled C’s swing when I was eight months pregnant. We put it in her nursery adjacent to the changing table, but by the time she was one week old, it had been relocated to our living room along with all the items we found to be truly necessary to life with a newborn. I always felt a little let down that we didn’t use her room right away. I had visualized parenthood looking a certain way, and I wanted the setting to be her room. Her first night home, we put her in her bassinet, closed the door, and were frustrated that every 20 minutes she was up....more

Anatomy of a Toddler Tantrum

So then there was that time that my daughter went from being a remarkably-pleasant-to-be-around toddler to a rabid feral cat who dines on dynamite and plutonium, all in the course of two days. This post is about that....more

December Chat with a Mom: Mom Solo

When I was single and in my early 30s, I thought “This is it, I’m going to be single forever” and I was fine with that. What I wasn’t okay with though was the idea that I will never be a mother. I definitely wasn’t okay with that. My best friend friend who was also single then (who by the way, is also a mother now), used to talk about how to get pregnant without a partner. But didn’t do anything about it, instead we just allowed life to happen and it did. We are both mothers now....more

We Become

Surround yourself with beauty.Surround yourself with people who make you happy.With people who build you up.Surround yourself with positivity.And you will become; Beautiful, happy, uplifting, positive.But, those of us surrounded by the constant mayhem that comes with having children?The ones who already live with the threat of depression ever on their minds?When the simple act of going to the bathroom alone leaves room for the unmitigated destruction of the rest of the house?...more

Biting Insurance

For C’s first year of life, I wrote monthly posts that outlined all the changes that she had gone through that month. A lot of times, writing those things was a little tedious and tricky because when it comes to babies, I don’t really know what I’m looking at. It kind of reminds me of this little game B sometimes plays with me where he shows me all the things that he found on Tumblr that day and is all LOOK AT THIS OMG.And then I’m all, Erm, it looks like a GIF that ate some bad ham and should really proceed to its nearest medical facility posthaste....more

It's Not the End of Her Life: Why We Need to Destigmatize Teen Pregnancy

I was 17. I had just finished high school (a year early) and had been reunited with Irish. I had graduated three months before and had recently been given birth control pills by my dermatologist to combat my acne. It was the kind of pill that you had to wait until your menstrual cycle began to start taking. Only it never started....more
I can't even express how much I hate these ads, especially ones that talk about the children of ...more

Embracing Adulthood, or Why Life is Like Tetris

When you were young and thought about what it would be like to be an adult, what did you imagine? Did you look forward to a time when you could decide what you would eat for breakfast? (ice cream, of course!) Did you picture all of the fancy adult clothes you would wear? (What are slacks, anyway?) Dream of the mysterious adult things to do? (Who is this "Bill" person and what are we paying him to do?) Ponder the powerful adult words you would say? (Mortgage! Insurance! Cocktail!)...more

Parenting: A job that gets easier or harder?

 Most things in life  gets easier as we do them longer but not parenting. In fact, I’m becoming more  and more convinced that the year of infancy when they cry, never sleep through  the night, and need you to do everythingfor them is the easiest year. I even recall  older parents telling me to enjoy that year because it just gets harder. Lucky  for me my girls were both amazing night sleepers....more
That's what teenagers are for, to make it easy for parents to let go. In fact, depending on the ...more