A Moment

Last night when I climbed into bed, I cuddled close to Lily and just stared at her for awhile. I love those quiet moments where I can just look at her, when she's still and peaceful, and I just lay there and try to memorize her every feature. I don't ever want to forget how it feels to cuddle her close. The sweet smell of her breath. The silky softness of her hand. ...more

Anti-Mom Antic #1

I was so exhausted today, so I tried to get Bugaboo to take a nap with me. However, she didn't feel like napping. Of course. So I pulled a few of her books into bed with us and read to her as we laid side by side. Well, I must of dozed off for a quick second because before I even realized it, the book slipped out of my hands and fell on her head... Read more at www.youmeandfivebucks.com. ...more

A Bit of Advice.....


You're Killing Me, Smalls

When I went out with my girlfriends a couple a weeks ago, I came home to Steve giving me the stank eye, which is like the stink eye but with more attitude. I was like, "What?" And he was all, "You're home late." And I was like, "So?" And he was all, "You didn't call at all tonight to check up on us." And I was like, "Oh." And then I thought, Oh. ...more

Toddler Pox

My doctor peered over his glasses as I whispered my secrets.   “I think something’s a little off with me lately.” ...more

Going Off Autopilot

Sometimes I'll be driving somewhere, and I'll arrive at my destination and think to myself, "I'm here already? Dude, I can't even remember how I got here." I'll marvel at how I was basically on autopilot, making turns and maneuvering through traffic without even thinking about it, not taking note of my surroundings. A twenty-minute drive passed by in the blink of the eye with me barely taking notice. ...more

Great post.  I completely agree.  Taking the time out and ENJOYING moments is the best way to ...more

Do your children make you happier?

This is a question that I have long considered, especially as I've gotten older. Now, I work with kids, and I find that quite enjoyable. However, I have always maintained that kids are great... as long as you can give them back. Being a parent has never been anywhere near the top of my to-do list, even though I am increasingly surrounded by family and friends who are having children of their own. When I tell people that I'm not really interested in having kids, they inevitably tell me that I'll change my mind when I hit the magic Three-Oh. ...more

Froupy Frit Frat!

I admit, I used to have a bit of a potty mouth, slipping in a creative utterance here, a colorful phrase there, and carefully tossing in a detailed, edgy description when deemed necessary. Yes, I managed to flip the switch off during working hours, but, boy, I let my hair down after hours. I simply thought a story would be incomplete without a handful of epithets, cleverly selected curses and properly chosen 4 lettered expletives. ...more

Shrinking Flock? Hardly Surprising...

  U.S. membership in the Catholic Church is shrinking and it's no wonder given its position on fertility treatment. The Church's latest set of "instructions" indicate that "babies should be conceived only through intercourse by a married couple." ...more

All things change and so has lately the Catholic Church.....check out our website for a free ...more

7 Things Moms are Truly Thankful For (Whether They Know It or Not!)

We're all grateful for the normal stuff - health, happiness, love, family, etc. - but what about those unexpected little blessings moms are really thankful for? 1. Naps - Once in a rare while, mom gets to take a nap. Maybe the kids are out with daddy, maybe they've fallen asleep too or maybe they're running through the house with scissors. No matter how it happens, all moms are thankful for that unplanned opportunity to S-L-E-E-P. ...more

I am so not thankful for muffin tops, except the kind you eat, which causes the love handles ...more