Womens Rights: Will the Real Enemy Please Stand Up

Are women our own worst enemy? Last week I was mentioned in an LA Times article as championing the importance of becoming a good wife and partner. The article didn't explain entirely what I'm about (my focus is really more on the partner aspect, than the good wife thing) but it did mention that I unite career and family and that I now stay home. That 's all it took. Bloggers everywhere began debating whether I had the right to paint staying home as a worthy choice for women. Some responders questioned my level of education, while others suggested I stayed home to spend my husband's money....more

I'm not sure I found the commentary that you're ranting about, but since I found some stuff at ...more

Parenthood versus the Childfree Life Part I

 A contributor to my blog forwarded an article to me recently that appeared in Sydney, Australia’s, The Sun Herald. It did not appear online.  It’s titled, “Do children really make us happy?...more

More Than Three Kids: Am I A Zealot or Whore? A Quiz

Evidently, my family planning has become a matter of public concern. I had thought for some time that it was just between Bryan and me, with a little divine direction here and there. But there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary. ...more

My kids are 13 months apart, and I was showing with the second one at around 5 months. So the ...more

Parenthood (the TV show), Is it Good or Bad for the Autism Community?

I love to junk-out on TV.  That doesn't mean I actually get to watch mainly due to the fact we don't own a television.  Like many other families with kids on the spectrum, we gave away our T.V. after we caught two year old, Tristan watching static.  I guess now not owning a tube doesn't stop you from watching shows online which I do a few times a week, but I do find myself having to schedule and prioritize.  ...more


If you adopt a child , would you return him/her back if you find he/she has psychological problems. A woman from Tennessee returned her 7 year old adopted Russian son back to Russia alone in a flight. Is it lack of love and selfishness or was the woman just protecting herself? Read more here-->http://tiny.cc/hv6bn ...more

Motherly Advice

I hold these truths to be self-evident, that all parents and kids are not created equally, but are wholly individual in personality and style....more

The Difference Is Four Percent

As if we aren't self-conscious enough about stepping through the looking glass of marriage and parenthood, occasionally something small occurs to crystallize a reality that we are no longer "cool" in the same way we were in our sing ...more

I read a few years ago about Victoria's Secret taking some heat for a similar thing. ...more

Talking the Truth About Being a Mom

Mailonline has an interesting article by Lucy Cavendish, "I love my kids, but I admit it-I'm happier on my own!"  She talks about how she loves her kids but has to admit her moments of "genuine bliss" do not revolve around being a mother. As you might expect,  she got an array of comments, from criticizing her for admitting this, to "of course you need a break fr...more

I Don't Let Just Anyone See My Underwear

My husband and I fold laundry together. It’s one of the only chores we can share and still enjoy each other’s company, not only because it’s the only household job that neither of us has passively and purposely fumbled to get out of, but because we joke around a lot while we’re folding, like we just met....more

My Daughter Thinks I'm a Dwarf?

After endless viewing of Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs over the past month, my youngest said to me, "I can't wait for Daddy to come home and give me a kiss. He's my true love....more