I have a selfish marriage, and you should too.

Check out my guest post on Love is Not a Word! http://loveisnotaword.com/i-have-a-selfish-marriage-and-you-should-too/?... I have a selfish marriage, and you should too. ...more

I Don't Want To Brag But ...

Yeah, so, when I’m out in public, I like to eavesdrop on people’s conversations because I’m a nosy jerk....more

Motherhood and Buttered Noodle Moments

It's almost Mother's Day.I've been a mother for almost 12 years.  I have four kids.  I know things.  ...more

Is Marriage Harder than Parenthood?

I grew up with the mantra, "marriage is hard work," and for my parents, it seemed especially difficult. Having watching their struggles, I felt prepared for tough stuff. When the first years of my own marriage felt surprisingly easy, I began to suspect my parents were just doing it all wrong. Then we had a baby, sold our condo, moved, my husband went to grad school and became a stay-at-home within three months. ...more
@KristenTsetsi Thanks for the post. I have a friend who has been married 17 years now (college ...more

My Daughter's Laughter is My Happy Place

I’m coming off a high induced by playing a rudimentary version of Hide and Seek with C. After dinner, I put in The Fox and the Hound just to see if she was interested in watching it. She wasn’t (surprise), but she was wily. She was ready to play that brand of play that possesses babies like the Holy Spirit at a big tent revival. There is something about the interim period between the end of dinner and the beginning of her bedtime ritual that makes the air electric and charged with that same guileless air she wears so effortlessly all the time....more

The Sacrifice of Motherhood - An Adopted Child's Point of View

Mother's Day is typically a day to shower the maternal role models in our lives with love, praises and gifts.For some it's a day to remember their mothers and grandmothers who may be gone physically but whose memories and legacies live on.I spend the day with my family - my mother, aunts or girlfrieds who are on this journey of motherhood alongside me.  But there's a fleeting moment when my mind drifts to an unknown place to focus on an unknown face.The woman who carried me in her womb for months and then gave a loving couple the gift of parenthood....more
That is a beautiful way to think of it. Your mom decided to give you life and live you did! ...more

Disingenuous Elmo

Disingenuous Elmo is not the opening act of the opening act of the opening act of MGMT at Coachella. It is the theme to much of my first year of parenthood....more

My Mom Met Bob Dylan's Mom

The pride I feel for Wee Cee is like nothing I had ever experienced before I had her. Even her growing hair is a cause to celebrate. I’m sure I’m too fussy, but I don’t care. She’s my little slice of perfection and even when she’s driving me to the brink of insanity, I adore her. The fact that she can elicit a response from me at all is a credit to her developing personality and all the more reason to feel parental pride....more

The Weight of Motherhood: 72 Pounds

I cuddle, I cuddle," my preschooler mumbles in her baby talk way, a frequent occurrence now that she's uncertain about fulfilling her big kid role. And under my left arm she goes. They squirm and wiggle and shift their weight until... they're both on my lap. Sisters leaning into each other, and leaning back on their momma. Wrapped up in my old fleece robe, they are warm, they are safe....more
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Giving up the teenage dream

At 17, I planned out my entire life until age 30: a college degree and marriage by 22 followed by two children (girl then boy), a master’s degree and a fulfilling professional career by 30. My plans didn’t go beyond that, so apparently I was going to drop dead or go insane after that crazy journey....more