FEAR: false evidence appearing real

I recently returned from a backpacking trip in Glacier National Park, where a series of events prompted me to explore my relationship with fear. For many years fear was my enemy. It paralyzed me from living the life I intend to live. But after having children and hitting bottom when post-partum depression sank in, I finally re-evaluated my relationship with fear. I learned to use fear as a motivator, and as a healthy tool....more

I totally hear you! Between my sis-in-law and I we have six children. We were so thankful they ...more

Lives Intertwined

At my niece's birthday party I found myself in the middle of telling my brother in law about why it's so cool that Hasbro has made Kre-O Transformers, since there's never been any Lego Transformers.  I caught myself and thought, "What am I doing?!"  I even told him, "It's pathetic how much I know about Transformers."  And I realized that I have, inadvertently, become a Transformer expert.  Certainly not what I aspired to be when I was growing up.  Yet after listening to Connor talk about Transformers, day after day, and trying to find him Transformer action figure r...more

Sex After Kids: An Eventless Horizon

In that space known as “life after kids,” suddenly and without warning, time and space bend and you find yourselves swirling in a vortex of loud, high frequency crying sounds that seem to stretch out through eternity. Nights are never-ending, yet sleep is denied....more

Kind of Like Groundhog's Day

I've been telling my husband lately that my life is a lot like Groundhog's Day. Monotonous. Yes. But I'm actually the one choosing to shape it that way, since it keeps everything flowing smoothly and sanely here. My personal Groundhog's Day is complete with: * Anticipating hunger by pre-preparing snacks. * Thinking of meals in as far advance as I can stand, so I don't end up in a hot kitchen, myself hungry, tired and surrounded by three gaping mouths. ...more

Wow! You are brave. I am so going to have to clean the house. But I will look for that sweet ...more

Den Chronicles: Independence Daze

  As we celebrate another Independence Day in America, I begin to reminsice about the day I became a mom and lost my independence. Then I began to like the fact that I had children that depended on me. Just when I thought I had it figured all out, my oldest hits the teen years. It is like the early years of parenting all over again, as he strives to let freedom ring in his own life and I strive to be needed by him. Here is an excerpt from my latest post regarding parenting a teen: Now that I have a teenager I am seeing a new transformation....more

What I Want for my Children

Argh! YOU DID WHAT?!Yes. That's me on many an afternoon. Make that morning. OK, truth-be-told, it can happen at any moment. Today it was the crayon-covered rocker that did me in.And despite the fact that children are not the behaviors they exhibit, I honestly have difficulty sorting the two when my impatient Aries-anger ignites. Whew. Deep breath. Calm down. Re-focus. Now move forward....more

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On Parent & Childfree Regrets

As the childfree know, parents are often convinced that we will eventually regret our decision not to have kids. In talking to thousands of childfree in the last 10+ years, I can say that not one person has spoken of regret. Some ponder what it might have been like to be a mother/father, but not to where they wish they'd made another choice....more

Elementary Wisdom

My 8th grader graduated from his class as one of the valedictorians. I can't believe how quickly time flies when you begin to have children. Here is an excerpt from my latest story about parenthood and being a mother: You see, years ago, Mr. Time held out his hand. He said “trust me.” So I did. I buckled myself into the seatbelt on a wild ride called Parenthood. Then the motor started turning and off we went, a Ferris Wheel gone crazy, turning faster and faster on each rotation. What do you do to appreciate the time you have when your kids are young?...more

Removing the Bubble Wrap from Our Kids

Instinctively, I walked over getting the knife out of the drawer ready to begin slicing the strawberries for him. He put out his hand for the knife looking exasperated. "Mom! I've done it before." "When?" "When you were gone one afternoon and dad was downstairs working in the basement. I just did it. And I didn't cut my fingers. Just let me do it." ...more
@creativejuicez Good Point! Some of the biggest lessons in life come from failing and learning ...more